SU Football Start Helps Boost Local Businesses Winning Helps Everybody

Businesses in Syracuse get a boost as a result of the football team

Luke Backman:
The winning streak the Orange has started the season with has brought a raise in business around the city. Mykel Baker, the assistant general manager at Tully’s Good Times in Syracuse, says that the victories have brought more business into the restaurant.

Mykel Baker:
Yes when they are doing good it most definitely helps business cause people are out, they are hanging out, they are tailgating and in a good mood

He also says that SU game days are now comparable to NFL Sundays.

Dollar amounts they’re pretty close

As the Orange continue to try and keep winning, not only will the fans in the dome be rooting hard for them; but businesses around the city will be as well. Luke Backman, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – The city of Syracuse has been excited over the past few weeks as Syracuse football has an undefeated record to begin the year. But the fans aren’t the only ones celebrating. Businesses in the city have seen an economic boost as a result of the winning.

One restaurant in particular that has seen more business as a result of the hot start by the Orange is Tully’s Good Times in Syracuse. A restaurant that is only located 10 minutes away from campus has credited the Orange with helping bring more business into the restaurant.

The assistant general manager Mykel Baker at Tully’s says that the strong start has brought in people from all around to Tully’s.

“We had about eight guys come in here the other night from Purdue,” said Baker. “They sat at the bar both Friday and Saturday for 2-3 hours and loved it.”

These are things that in previous years you wouldn’t see. Many fanbases wouldn’t make the trip to Syracuse to watch their team play. But as Syracuse football has made a name for themselves this season, opposing fans are willing to travel, hoping to see a good game.

Baker also says that when it comes to comparing basketball and football season “it is usually no comparison” as basketball season is when Tully’s is most busy.

But Baker believes that we should wait and see this year because of how the team is playing so far, football season might compete with basketball season this year.

While not only comparing the two collegiate sports, Syracuse game days are even rivaling NFL Sundays at Tully’s. Baker says that even with the different crowds that come in for each of the days, sales wise they are “pretty close.”

It hasn’t been very often that Syracuse has seen a winning football team, as 2018 was the last time the Orange made a bowl game. But as the season has shown, when the Orange have won, so have the businesses surrounding the city.

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