SU Volleyball Player’s Hidden Talent SU Volleyball Player's Hidden Talent

Timothy Plewak Talks About Sports and Music

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Rising sophomore Timothy Plewak is getting his degree in landscape architecture at SUNY ESF. He is also a volleyball player on the SU Men’s Volleyball club team. While many people know Plewak is a successful volleyball player, he has another hidden talent.

Reporter Polina Shemanova sat down with Timothy Plewak to talk about music. Here’s an excerpt of their interview:

 Polina Shemanova: Now everyone knows you are a great volleyball player, but not many people know that you are also a musician. What instruments do you play?

Timothy Plewak: Violin, piano, cello, guitar.

PS: I know that your mom is a music teacher, she actually went to SU as a music education major. After she introduced you to the music world, why music became important to you?

TP: First of all, I’m extremely thankful to my mom for introducing me to music, I’ll be honest, I gave her a hard time and taking lessons with your mom wasn’t always the smoothest. But thanks to her, I got to a point where music is a huge part of my life.

And as for why it became important to me, if I’m being honest, I prefer playing music to talking. You know how people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, I believe that music is the language of the soul. Not mathematics, not English, not even volleyball.

For example, think about a sad scene in a movie that you have watched. Say someone close to the protagonist dies or something. There might be no dialogue whatsoever, but still, you could end up in tears. Sure, the visuals have a lot to do with it, but it’s the music that speaks to you and triggers certain feelings. Don’t believe me? Try watching the same scene with, say, happy music instead. You’ll have a hard time crying, I promise!

So yes, I believe music is a superior form of communication.

PS: My last question for you, you are the oldest of seven siblings in your household, and even your 5-year-old brother Josh already knows how to make sounds on violin. Are we expecting to see the Plewak’s music band one day?

TP: This is a small dream of mine, now that I’m in college and more experienced, I know how much fun it is to just jam with other musicians. There are a lot of kids in my house that can play instruments. It’s difficult because they’re all in primary school right now, but someday I hope I can say “Grace, Jeremiah, Isaac, Stephen, let’s jam sesh in the living room!” you know? That would be cool. And who knows maybe we’ll do our own gigs as well.

True passion for sport and music, that’s what makes Timothy Plewak a talented player and a successful musician!

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