Summer Camp at the Syracuse Everson Museum of Art is Back Summer Camp at the Everson Museum of Art is Back

MIA PETTIES: We made forts.

POLINA SHEMANOVA: Six-year-old Mia Petties from Syracuse had a blast right from the start of the summer camp at the Everson Museum of Art. Her mom Nikki says this was a great fit for her daughter:

NIKKI PETTIES: It’s the first time that we are trying this camp and she loves art, so we thought it was a great match.

SHEMANOVA: Another camp participant 11-year-old William Vaverchak made a model of a destroyed building out of a cardboard box. William says he got inspired by one of the art exhibits.

WILLIAM VAVERCHAK: We went around in the gallery, so we got inspiration, and then we went back downstairs and we created one of our own make shift of the art in the gallery.

SHEMANOVA: Everson Museum Art Camp will last through August 12th. There are still spots available to register.

In Syracuse, I’m Polina Shemanova, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Everson Museum of Art summer camp is underway. Children ages 5 to 12 are welcome to join for the morning, afternoon, or full-day sessions. Snacks and lunch breaks are provided since little explorers might get hungry while actively learning about the art industry.

While parents were patiently waiting outside of the museum to pick up their children, I got a chance to speak with Raphael Vaverchak, whose 11-year-old son William was attending the camp for the first time.

“It’s a very interesting concept and we are very excited for that today,” Vaverchak said.

In terms of the concept, summer camp at the Everson Museum is a lot of fun for children. During their learning experience, young campers are fully immersed in the program where they can first observe, and then put their hands on some crafting, including pottery, architecture basics, painting, and sculpting. The head teacher at the camp Carrie Drake told us the floor is always open for any ideas that a kid’s imagination can possibly produce.

“My camp kids brought home some drawings today, and that was their own creative ideas, planning for things they want to do,” Drake said. “The first group was doing clay, the second group we were doing fort building.”

Summer camp at Everson Museum might be a great way to introduce your kid to the world of art, along with making new friends while learning. There are still spots available to register for the camp which will last through August 12th. Here is the link for more information:



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