Summer Weather in Syracuse Affects Farmers Market Vendors Summer Weather in Syracuse Effects Farmers Market Vendors

Krystin Lilly: Paul Szkolnik who says he’s been selling at Farmer’s Markets for two- years– has a variety of treats at his booth.

Paul Szkolnik: I looked for candy lines that people would enjoy. And they had to be quality candy at a reasonable price that I felt that I could sell around here

Krystin Lilly: Szkolnik says his products make his business stand out.

Paul Szkolnik: For me, no one carries what I carry. So, and, you know, everybody likes candy, even if you’re a diabetic like me

Krystin Lilly: Joyce Brown also gets creative at the farmers market with handmade crochet hats, scarves, and stuffed animals.

Joyce Brown: There’s baby sweater sets that I make. I just, crochet, I can’t stand sitting there doing nothing all day…I just make what the customers ask for.

Krystin Lilly:
To get your hands on handmade crochet items and a variety of candy, visit the Camillus Farmer’s Market on West Genesee Street.


SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — The summer weather in Syracuse has impacted vendors at local farmer’s markets.  Jennifer Turner, Camillus Farmer’s Market vendor, says the unpredictable weather has made a difference in crop production this year.

“The lack of rain for a while just set everything back… set back the timing of everything,” said Turner.

Turner has been a vendor at Camillus for two summers in a row. Her family’s farm sells at three different farmers markets every week. Due to the delay in crop production, causing a decrease in sales this summer, the Turner family has already planned ahead.

“We have a bunch of pumpkins growing for the fall time… lots of pumpkins,” said Turner.

Karen Chilson who says she’s been selling at Farmer’s Markets for over three years shares what her experience has been over the years.

“It varies from week to week, and year to year on how, you know, the weather is and all of that determines on when you get it in, and when they ripen, and you can pick it and harvest it,” said Chilson.

Despite setbacks, vendors at Camillus show up, rain or shine. To get your hands on fresh produce or an array of candy options, the Camillus Farmers’ Market is open every Monday from 1pm-5pm on West Genesee Street.


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