Syracuse 2022 Fire Prevention Week Targeting Youth Syracuse 2022 Fire Prevention Week

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse fire department is kicking off its 100th anniversary of fire prevention week.

The first event was held at the Salt City Market on Sunday, joined by Syracuse Fire Department, Mayor Walsh’s office and their furry friends. 


Kick-off Events on Salt City Market, Sunday
Kick-off Events on Salt City Market, Sunday
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Fire department chief Elton Davis said the city celebrates the events with one main goal. 

“I think our biggest way to get into homes and talk about fire safety is through children,” he said. “You get a child in school and you talk about ‘stop drop and roll,’ talk about the importance of smoke detectors, you talk about the importance of having a meeting place. When we get into school, and we engage young on that topic, the first thing they want to do, they want to tell everybody in their home.” 

Chief Elton Davis says there will be a mock fire rescue, firefighters read books and a station Open House in the following week. Besides teaching safety lessons, fire departments will also show antique fire engines and police cars to engage kids. 

Marisa Fenell, a mom who brought her kids to the kick-off events, thinks it’s important to teach kids fire protection knowledge as they are younger. Plus the events have some attractive elements. 

“They like the costumes, they make a little fun of it,” said Fennell. “It’s easy for them to understand and plus the goodie is always a plus.” 

Most kids at the kick-off events enjoyed it. They played with fire station toys, the spotty dog and the smoke detector, wore fire hats and ate donuts. 

Chief Davis said the fire department would host safety lessons on regular bases in the future, spreading the importance of fire prevention in Syracuse. 


Syracuse Prevention Week's activities
Syracuse Prevention Week’s activities
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