Syracuse Airport Offers Two New Direct Flight Services Syracuse Airport Offers Two New Direct Flight Services

Airport now partners with Breeze Airways

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – Syracuse Hancock International Airport is offering two new nonstop direct flights, as they begin their partnership with Breeze Airways.

“Today is an incredibly exciting day as we welcome another carrier to our airport,” Airport Authority Executive Director Jason Terreri said.

The airport celebrated the first flight with a press conference Friday morning, which featured several representatives from Breeze Airways and the central New York community.

The new destinations being offered at the airport are Las Vegas, Nevada and Charleston, South Carolina. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that the Syracuse Airport offers a direct flight to Las Vegas, a sought after destination.

“Las Vegas was our number one unserved leisure destination, so now we’ve got that served, as well as Charleston, is also in the top ten,” Terreri said.

The addition of Breeze Airways to the Syracuse Airport not only brings in more flights and revenue, it also makes it easier on travelers to get to their favorite vacation spots.

Syracuse resident Joshua Magiera said he booked his flight to Las Vegas for a bachelor party as soon as it was available, because it was direct and he would not have to spend hours in another airport during a layover, like his friends.

“I waited a day compared to my friends because I said I want to take the direct flight, not the layover,” Magiera said.

It was also a cheaper alternative for Magiera, which he said made the choice easy.

“The prices were, if they weren’t comparable at the same price, they were definitely a little bit less, and like I said given it was a direct flight it would have been worth it even if it was a couple dollars more,” Magiera said.

The price for Magiera’s ticket to Las Vegas one-way was $99. He added that at this price, he would fly with Breeze Airways again.

“If the flight goes well and the flight goes smoothly, I would definitely use the direct flight again, if the prices are comparable to the other ones,” Magiera said.

Flights to and from Las Vegas and Charleston are on Mondays and Fridays, priced at below $100 one-way. The airport is hoping to add more direct flight destinations soon.

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