Syracuse Athlete is Breaking Records and Defying Limits Syracuse Athlete is Breaking Records and Defying Limits

REBECCA CLYDE: If you follow this beaten path in Jamesville all the way down, you’re likely to find a beautiful reservoir, some snazzy water shoes, and swimmers of all ages. Of them is 48-year-old Sascha Scott. Scott, with the company of some friends, manages to swim along the borders of this reservoir. It’s pretty impressive, but Scott isn’t done yet. Sascha Scott has played many sports.

SASCHA SCOTT: Play tennis, then we played in the pool, then we went to soccer.

REBECCA CLYDE: Name a sport, she’s probably tried it. But her main event is running, where she holds two national record times for her age group. Her record mile times stand at 4:53 in outdoor and 4:59 in indoor. Scott runs so fast, she often competes in collegiate races… And wins. Scott’s either training, at home raising her two kids, or here, at Syracuse University. You see Scott’s a professor of art history here. She also has earned her PhD, written a research book, and is on her way to finishing her second. Her training partner Joe Mora says Scott has a rare drive.

JOE MORA: She has no quit in her. She does not know the word quit. She will go until she drops. And it’s impressive. And it’s also motivating.

REBECCA CLYDE: Scott attributes her athleticism to her childhood. Growing up with a single mom, Sascha and her twin occupied themselves with sports while she worked.

SASCHA SCOTT: I loved it. I never complained. I just thought it was cool.

REBECCA CLYDE: Scott is currently training to break the American road mile record this year. And she has no plans of slowing down. Rebecca Clyde, NCC News.

JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Athletes across New York are gearing up for the triathlon at Green Lakes State Park this weekend. For one of the athletes, Sascha Scott, winning this race isn’t the most important thing in her life.

The 48-year-old mother and Syracuse University professor already holds two national record times for her age group. Her record mile times are an impressive 4:53 in outdoor and 4:59 in indoor. 

Sports have been a passion for Scott since she was a child. She loves sports because of the discipline competing brings.

 “Sports aren’t subjective. However well you do is up to you,” Scott said.

Though she said you have to put your head down and do the work even when it feels hard, Scott enjoys training for the comradery.

“Every time you’re healthy and with your friends, mostly I’m just grateful to be doing it,” Scott said.

In her 20s, Scott said she struggled with enjoying running because she put so much pressure on herself competing in the Olympic Trials.

She has now found the same enjoyment she used to have playing with her twin sister growing up. The two spent a lot of their time in athletics while their single mother worked to provide for them.

Scott said she never had any complaints being an active child.

She is hoping to break another national record this year in the road mile.

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