Syracuse basketball increases profit for Marshall Street stores Syracuse basketball increases profit for Marshall Street stores

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Stores on Marshall Street receive an influx of profit after the winter sports start back up at Syracuse University. 

Manny’s and Varsity Pizza are just two of several stores that have noted a positive change in their profit.

Manny’s Co-Owner Bill Nester said the excitement is two-sided for both customers and the staff.

“People are more relaxed, more people are coming in more people are happier more jolly, more excited,” Nester said. 

Nester says Manny’s looks forward to basketball season every year. 

“Last year was a little off because not too many fans came up but we still enjoyed the season last year,” Nester said.

Now, Nester said there are more customers trickling into the store compared to last basketball season. 

“We’re already starting to see the excitement and the fans come up and starting to do their basketball shopping,” Nester said. “Night and day. That’s the best way I can describe it.”

While business is good with customers, there are some supply chain shortages. Varsity Pizza’s assistant manager Eric Ockert is using the money from extra customers coming in to cover the rising costs of ingredients. 

“We’re paying premium prices for wings, there are some things we can’t even get,” Ockert said. “But you know a lot of the things we do get are a lot more expensive than we used to pay.”

Ockert said another difference is that students got very used to delivering online, and this has impacted evening profit. 

“That still hasn’t really changed even with things calming down,” Ockert said. “They’re just as happy to continue to do that, especially at night.”

Ockert said they are limited in their delivery area, but he knows growing in this way would help the business.

“Hopefully in the future, we can expand our delivery area,” Ockert said.

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