Syracuse buzzing over the newly announced bagel shop on Marshall Street New York City style bagel store coming to Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Last week, news broke that a NYC-style bagel store is taking over the vacant Starbucks property on Marshall Street. 

Syracuse residents from downstate like Jacob Kaye, a Long Island native, are eager to have a taste of home nearby.

“I’m very excited for this, I enjoy bagels at home and what a bagel place offers,” Kaye said. “It’s great news to know that a place from home is coming to Syracuse.”

Another group looking forward to the bagel shop is the Syracuse Jewish community. Bagels are a staple of Jewish cuisine, and Rabbi Ethan Bair knows the impact the store could have for members of the faith.

“Food is everything. it means a lot to have food from your own culture that’s accessible, and available, and decent,” Bair said.

Better late than never

It’s been seven-plus years since there has been a bagel shop on Marshall Street, one of the premiere malls in the city of Syracuse. 

This lack of authentic bagels near the university was a chief reason why Mark Neiderfer and his associates wanted to open the still-to-be-named store.

Niederfer is an established deli and bagel shop owner in New York City and Long Island, and attempts to find more success in Central New York.

Location location location

The property being taken over by the bagel store formerly served as a home to Starbucks for over two decades.

The shopfront is on the corner of Marshall Street and University Avenue and is easy to find on the edge of the strip.

Dates are still unknown for when the bagel shop will open, but the location is set in stone.

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