Syracuse Celebrates Fire Prevention Week Syracuse Celebrates Fire Prevention Week

Syracuse Fire Department Celebrates the 100th Fire Prevention Week

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – This week is the 100th anniversary of the very first fire prevention week. The first fire prevention week was held in 1922 as an anniversary of The Great Chicago Fire.

Fire departments across the United States are hosting events to celebrate the week.

Syracuse Fire Department started its celebration yesterday and will continue to hold events throughout the week trying to educate Syracuse residents on fire safety.

“Across the country fire departments have been educating children, adults, community organizations, anybody who’ll really listen about the important message of fire safety,” Syracuse Fire Department Captain Brian Falise said.

On Monday, two Syracuse fire department firefighters from the  The Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse. They were there to teach the children about the importance of being prepared.

“This year’s message is escape drills, don’t wait, have a plan to escape.” Falise said. “So we’re teaching about the importance of having home fire drills.”

The organizers of this event also said that this information is important for the children.

“If they know how to get out, which they might never use, but if you know it, and the skill anytime, you are able to use that skill,” Boys and Girls Club director of programming Kenyata Calloway said.

Calloway also said that she expects to continue this event in coordination with the fire department in the coming years.

The Syracuse Fire Department is holding events all week as they try to educate as many residents as they can. The celebration will then culminate in an open house  at fire station 17 on October 15.


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