Syracuse Church Hosting Laundry Supply Giveaway Syracuse Church hosting Laundry Giveaway

(ANC: A local Syracuse Church is doing something a little different than normal to support the local community this weekend… With a laundry supply giveaway… Our own Matt Zumbolo was at the church with all you need to know about the event…)

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Clean laundry is something that every human should have easy access too… For some, its not that easy…

Money issues of getting to and from laundromats makes it hard… but even bigger… the supplies… Senior Pastor at the Victory Temple Fellowship Church in Syracuse Bishop H. Bernard Alex says that clean clothing is an important factor for a comfortable home…

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NAME:Bishop Dr. H. Bernard Alex of Victory Temple Fellowship Church
INCUE:Having clean…
OUTCUE:…to the house.
(“Having clean clothes, being as hygenic as possible. It just, you know, cleaning out your home or that area where dirty clothes are, it just brings a sense of ease and exhale to the house.”)

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Alex is making a difference with this issue… Hosting the third ever laundry supply giveaway at the church… People will be able to come to the church and will get a free family sized bottle of detergent, fabric softner, and bleach…

This started after a member of the church came to Alex looking for laundry detergent to clean her kids clothes…

Alex says that this is bigger than just the church…

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NAME:Bishop Dr. H Bernard Alex of Victory Temple Fellowship Church
INCUE:This really…
OUTCUE:…community empowerment.
(“This really is putting our faith at our feet. Not just being a church but being a place of community empowerment.”)

The church is accepting donations tomorrow from 5 to 7 PM and then the real event starts on Saturday… that’ll run from 10 AM to 2 PM… Patrons will be able to come in, get their laundry supplies and as well as get a hot dog and a cup of hot chocolate before they leave… Reporting live from East Willow Street in Syracuse, Matt Zumbolo, NCC News…

Syracuse, NY (NCC News) – Clean laundry is one thing that most people see as a very basic human thing that everyone should have and deserves. For some people, it’s not that easy. For various reasons, people have trouble getting easy access to clean laundry.

Victory Temple Fellowship Church is trying to make it easier for people. They are hosting a laundry supply giveaway on Saturday. This will allow families in need to get the right supplies to have clean laundry.

Reverend H. Bernard Alex is the Bishop and Senior Pastor of the church. He thinks that putting on this event is a big deal for the church. It is different than other things they do as an organization.

“This really is putting our faith at our feet. Not just being a church but being a place of community empowerment,” he said.

Alex wants to see some connection between his work and the University.

“I would love that… to have the University student body engage in the community and help do this,” said Alex.

They will be accepting donations Friday night from 5-7 PM at the church.

The giveaway will take place at Victory Temple Fellowship Church on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. The church is located at 817 Willow Street.

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