Syracuse City Pools to Reopen Syracuse City Pools to Reopen

But fun in the sun will have to wait another week

Now there are 11 City Pools in the City of Syracuse. Only Three Could potentially open this summer.
And that comes because of furloughs. The Mayor’s office has already furloughed 104 employees during this pandemic, and you know what, 15-million in sales tax, has now gone away.
That could mean a lot of pools not opening, and maybe even less than three.
But here’s exactly what you need to look out for when pools reopen.

The rules of 3-rivers swim club have now added more, ‘stand here’ or stay six-feet apart.
“It’s hard for the kids to understand that they have to be like separate and kind of space out.”

Don’t play on the playground.

Don’t bring your non-member friends.

“It’s just too many people in the pool we’re trying to manage as little as possible, which don’t get so far it’s a lot of money loss, but it’s just important we do that.”

Don’t sit or move barriers.

“Barriers in the water. The example they gave was a lane line. We have our rules. We already use barriers.”

And for some…take your temperature.

“Anything over 100.4 we send them home.”

Rules may be hard to follow in the summer, but Middendorf says they’re there to keep patrons safe.

“We’re spraying down tables like maybe every hour. It’s crazy how much we’ve wiped down. Even the members here are pitching in because they know you have to get serious, you have to wipe stuff down.”

Now as we just took a look at those private pools, maybe they are the best option for you and your family if you’re looking to make an immediate splash.

Otherwise, hang on with NCC News as we sit down with Commissioner Julie LaFave when she finalizes those plans, deciding what three pools will be open in the following weeks as we enter phase three.

At Ryan Pool, I’m Alyssa Lyons.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse City pools are set to reopen, but it won’t be at all 11 of the city’s recreational locations. Mayor Ben Walsh is currently looking at three. 

There’s another catch: it could be even fewer than that. The city is in need of federal funding for the pools.

Last month, Walsh furloughed more than 104 city employees. The city has lost  about $24 million in sales tax over the course of 15 months. 

Until Syracuse receives approval from Washington, the Parks Department is working on a proposal that would set restrictions for visiting patrons. 

Three Rivers Swim Club in Cincinnati, Ohio has been open since Memorial Day Weekend and is currently practicing CDC guidelines for recreational facilities, much like what is to be expected at Syracuse City pools. 

Here are some of the immediate restrictions at the Three Rivers Swim Club:

  • No use of tennis and volleyball courts.
  • No use of playground facilities.
  • No use of campground and fishing locations.
  • Non-members are not allowed inside pool grounds.
  • Must follow CDC guidelines for barriers inside the pool to manage social distancing.
  • Must exit through a different location than entrance.
  • Lifeguards must get temperature taken upon clocking in for work.
  • Lifeguards must sanitize picnic tables every hour.

The swim club also has tape and stickers guiding patrons throughout the pool deck on six-feet apart distances. 

Cincinnati currently has seven of its city pools open, but visitors have to make reservations to swim. 


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