Syracuse Combats Gun Violence Through Community Programs Community Emphasizes Violence Awareness This Month

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — As June marks Gun Violence Awareness Month, Clifford Ryan, founder of OG’s Against Violence, continues his daily marches through Syracuse, supported by his nonprofit organization. Established in 2015, OG’s Against Violence works to reduce violence through grassroots outreach and community engagement.

Alongside these efforts, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s Safer Streets Community Violence Intervention program targets gun violence by offering management, job training, and educational opportunities to high-risk individuals. This program, part of a broader violence reduction strategy, has shown success in other cities by significantly reducing crime rates.

Ryan’s commitment is deeply personal, following the loss of his son, Duriel Lamar Ryan, who was killed at 17. Since then, Ryan has dedicated himself to preventing such tragedies, intervening in over 42 shootings and stopping more than 300 fights.

Known as “OG” by the community, Ryan engages directly with residents to promote conflict resolution and safety.

Ryan’s organization urges the community to share awareness graphics on social media to highlight the issue. OG’s Against Violence is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on creating a safer environment in Syracuse.

As Gun Violence Awareness Month unfolds, both OG’s Against Violence and the Safer Streets program highlight the community’s commitment to tackling violence through innovative and comprehensive approaches.


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