Syracuse Community Centers Receive Funds for Kitchen Renovations Community Centers Receive Funds for Kitchen Renovations

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The Syracuse Common Council approved close to $350,000 in kitchen renovations for three community centers.

For one of those centers, these renovations are long overdue. The Westcott Community Center waited four years for funding. Westcott is receiving less than the others with $20,000 in kitchen renovations.

The kitchen provides two meals a day to senior citizens. Senior citizens said Westcott gives them more than a meal. They leave full and with friends.

“Made a lot of friends. We talk to each other. One of them has just brought me into yoga. She’s into that so she passed her books and her information to me so now I’m trying it,” said Milagros Espin, one senior citizen whose been going for the past four years.

The Westcott kitchen renovations include a new fridge, new cabinets, a paint job and new flooring.

Executive director of the center, Joan Royle, said even those minor renovations make a world of difference. She said a new kitchen opens the door for the center to make money.

“It’ll be a better place for people to be able to rent. And any rent for us, or any rental income for us is something that can help us,” Royle said.

Royle said more money could lead to more resources for the people they serve. In the last five years, they’ve served 40% more people. Royle said the kitchen must grow with the growing community.

“We’re seeing a greater need and we need our building to keep up with us so we can continue to meet the needs of the community, ” Royle said.

Royle said she doesn’t have an exact date for when renovations will start. She was told sometime in December.

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