Syracuse Food Trucks Take Over Great Northern Mall Syracuse Food Trucks Takeover Great Northern Mall

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- The Great Northern Mall’s parking lot has a lot of new residents. Syracuse Food Trucks started their food truck takeover. Events like these aren’t new for the Syracuse Food Truck Association. The events were put on to bring food trucks closer together. Nick Sanford, the president of the Syracuse Food Truck Association, said the big draw for these events is the wide range of food available.

“Having a lot of trucks in one area makes it a draw so people come cause they can get all different types of food,” Sanford said. ” You can get everything from kettlecorn, to grilled pb&j, woodfire pizza, empanadas, lobster rolls, gyros. There’s something for everybody.”

People are enjoying the variety. Some people are even filling their arms with food from several different food trucks.

“We got all of our favorites,” Nicole Latini said. “We got pizza, tacos, sweet treats from Blueberry and hot tea.”

Nicole and Ashley Latini said events like these are important to the local community.

“Just to have everybody gathered in one space and just hanging out, eating food, soakin up the good vibes,” Ashley said. “It’s a little chilly today but it’s worth it. It’s not gonna stop us. It’s a good way to kick off the season for the food trucks.”

“What better way to bond and hang out and be happy than eat?” Nicole said.

With the second year of Food Truck Takeover kicking off today, there were 20 food trucks. Each Wednesday until around mid-October there will be around 20 trucks participating in each week’s takeover. Sanford said the trucks participate because they feel like they’re a part of the community that they serve.

“All of our trucks live and work in these communities, live in these communities, they support other businesses in these communities, their kids are in schools in these communities,” Sanford said. “I mean we’re all part of this area and ywant to do things to brighten the area and make it better.”

To find out which food trucks will be available each Wednesday, go to For other Syracuse Food Truck Events, you can check out its website.

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