Syracuse for Sanders Volunteers Adjust Strategy for 2020 Election Syracuse for Sanders Volunteers Adjust Strategy for 2020 Election

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A local Bernie Sanders volunteer group, Syracuse for Sanders, is looking to get a a step ahead of their competition this year.
N-C-C’s Jacy’ Cola attended their second meeting last night.

(Jacy’ Cola)
This is Kellie Brauchle’s second year with Syracuse for Sanders, but it’s her first year in charge.

(Kellie Brauchle
I kind of waited around to see if anybody was gonna, you know, start things up, and no one did. So I said, “why not me?”

(Jacy’ Cola)
But her campaigning efforts last election didn’t start until a month before New York’s primary.
This year she looked for that to change.

(Kellie Brauchle)
Sanders lost New York, but not by as much as we thought he was going to, considered that it was like Hilary’s home state. So we actually did like a pretty good job here, so my thinking was the earlier we start, the better.

(Jacy’ Cola)
With an extra eight months to campaign this election, Brauchle says she’s even more motivated to go out and support her candidate.

(Kellie Brauchle)
You know, maybe I was a little nervous or scared, like, to phone bank, or I’ve never done this or that. But, you wanna know what? Like, I want Bernie to win. Like, I’m just gonna get out of my comfort zone, and I’m gonna do it.

(Jacy’ Cola)
Syracuse for Sanders’ next event is a watch party for tomorrow night’s Democratic primary debate.
Jacy’ Cola, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Syracuse for Sanders held their second meeting this year, discussing topics from phone banking, to voter registration drives, to out-of-state campaigning last night.

The local volunteer group, supporting Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, has taken a different approach to their campaigning strategies this election. 

Kellie Brauchle, one of the organization’s leaders, said she didn’t begin volunteering last election until about a month before the New York Democratic primary, when Sanders’ official campaign arrived in Syracuse. 

She said she’s taking a different approach this year, beginning to campaign for this election nearly eight months sooner than she did in 2016.

“Sanders lost New York [last election], but not by as much as we thought he was going to, considering that it was like Hilary’s home state,” she said. “So we actually did a pretty good job here, so my thinking was the earlier we start, the better.”

So, during the summer, when Brauchle hadn’t heard any news about the return of Syracuse for Sanders, she decided to take things upon herself to get the organization running again.

“We thought it was a really great idea to get a community started, so that when the official campaign does come here in March, we already have a really good core group of people,” she said.

This core group of people already consists of representatives from groups across Central New York like the New York Progressive Action Network, Monroe County for Bernie, and the Democratic Socialists of America, all of whom attended last night’s meeting.

One primary focus of the meeting was the importance of promoting voter registration. Ideas were presented to hold future registration drives at local concerts, colleges, and even mosques.

The group also discussed their decision to no longer be classified as a political action committee, after the many difficulties they faced during the last election while fundraising for Sanders’ campaign.

Maurice Brown, who was a delegate for Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, is preparing himself and fellow volunteers for what they predict to be a very busy next couple of months. Brown said their efforts will consist of many direct voter-contact efforts.

“Whether that’s going door-to-door and talking to strangers, or whether that’s talking to your cousin with the fancy red hat over Thanksgiving, I think that we need to reach out and engage each other,” Brown said.

More of those efforts will be taking place this weekend, as Syracuse for Sanders will have a table at the CNY Regional Market on Saturday.

Before then, though, the group is also co-hosting a watch party for tomorrow night’s Democratic primary debate at Taps Bar and Restaurant.

Democratic Primary Debate Watch Party: Taps Bar & Restaurant

Helping the national campaign with what was called Bernie journey. last campaign cycle. It’s a specific project to get people to travel out of state and supported from primary state. So I make confirmation calls to anyone that signs up in the national campaign. So I spent about eight hours a week, just calling people on the phone and texting them to verify that they want to travel and you know, find out if they have housing and stuff like that. So I had his flyers pretty basic. I’ll just go through some questions and can maybe have some brief dialogue about it. So why do people volunteer to work at state and has it helped the campaign? It’s actually a small part of the overall campaign because most volunteer work happens in state and people organized within their own community. But it’s still a place like a strategic role in the overall spectrum of the national campaign to get Bernie elected for the presidency.
A lot of times, it’s a big ass. People have to, you know, spend their own money, and they have to take time off of work or time away from their family. So it’s a big commitment, but it really can be effective. And the overall vote total in communities that are really primary stage and what we’re trying to do with early stage voting, is get Bernie as many delegates early on, because the media really pays attention to that if he’s a front runner, he doesn’t get a lot of positive press. But if he does well, in these early states, they can’t ignore that. So that’s an important strategy for the overall campaign.
So in New York State, if you’re interested in volunteering, where do you go, we border a lot of states, you know, we border Massachusetts, Vermont, and you know, Pennsylvania, so it’s a matter of just in some ways, figuring out where to put our resources so they’re most effective.
And, you know, I described that it’s not really necessary to travel into Vermont or Massachusetts, because we’re probably doing really well in Massachusetts and Bernie will do well in Vermont. But we can target our out of state efforts in New Hampshire. I think that would be really significant. And that’s what I’m going to do personally, I’m trying to organize people to travel to Keene, the last weekend of the primaries, so focusing just on New Hampshire right now, I think would be great for upstate New York.
What’s the ideal time to travel
there accepting volunteers right now, but it’s not as organized as it will be in January. So if people can make plans to travel in January, and even that last weekend was we’re trying to do in Rochester, that would be amazing. On that way, if you travel within a month, you know, there’s going to be national campaign staff that you can work with, as well as local organizers.
Is there an optimal time to commit to volunteering. And so as Yes, if you can volunteer a long weekend, which I call like four days, so you can spend at least two days in the field, and to travel days, that’s actually ideal. Most people can’t afford to take two weeks off. It’s great if you can, or even if you can take like three weeks. Most people can’t do that. But if you can donate at least four days out of your schedule to campaign to Canvas and do filmmaking in our state, that would be amazing. And then how do you connect, you know, how do you connect with candidates, staff and volunteers in another state? That’s kind of what I’m trying to help people do across New York State upstate, in particular, is getting the contact information in the location that they need to go to in a particular area. The last page of this handout provides the location in key where they have an office that you can actually drive to and start canvassing
What do you do when you volunteer at state, you can essentially do the same type of things that you do here. They’re going to be using maybe some different software for canvassing, and you might use previous in any other campaign. And you’re going to be doing phone vaping, and a lot of door to door canvassing. And so, if you have haven’t done the phone baking yet, I encourage you to start because it helps a national campaign in general, but it also if you’re interested in traveling out of state will definitely help out when you go out of state. Where do you stay? This is a vision of a challenge. The campaign does try to help people find supportive housing, post housing, but a lot of times you have to do some of that on your own and stay in a motel or hotel. I’ve had success last campaign cycle through the Bernie bnb app. I needed to talk Yeah.
Well, there’s there’s
Is plans to restart that, but it’s only going to be like a carpool app. And it will be host housing, which is kind of disappointing. So you can go on Facebook and type in, you know, New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders and there’ll be a few people that will respond to you and say, Hey, I’m going to come into your area, can you connect me with cost housing, I’ve had some success making contact with people, I think, I forgot that I was interested in traveling and four people responded, so you can get help that way, but it is a big issue. And then even the resources are there any resources that help pay for expenses, sometimes you have to fundraise as a local organization so you can help people pay to travel out of state, that’s what we’re going to try to do in the Rochester area, use some of our fundraising money, even to give people like 75 $200 if they’re willing to travel out of state with different costs. And then after early states in New York,
Depending on how close the delegate count is, I’m encouraging people to get in their cars and go to like Paterson, New Jersey, which I like to target communities when I go out of state that aren’t the biggest cities because they’ll be covered. So Princeton will be covered in New Jersey and a few other larger cities, but a place like Patterson and Newark will definitely be covered.
If it comes down to the wire, and we really need to, it’s a five hour drive and you could spend a weekend and you really want to get Bernie elected, right? And that’s how close the delegate count is. That’s why I’m I’m even preparing to travel end of May to go to New Jersey. So the last page is really what I want you to focus on is if you want to travel to Keene, in December, you can contact the point of contact for the campaign. Her name is Samantha Valenti, I spoke to her this morning, and she says Rachel just hand out my
Mail, give out my phone number. I love to connect with people, feel free to call her. And she will get you connected as much as she can with supportive housing. And, you know, sign you up to Canvas for a weekend. That would be amazing. I am planning it. So the last thing is are any groups out of state? Are there any going to be like a caravan of caravans where you organize travel at a specific time and a specific date. So I’m going to do that in my area and apply to all across upstate New York to do the last weekend before primaries, which is February 8 through 11. And I told Sam, I’m going to stay through elections. And she’s like, yeah, it’s awesome. You can imagine what it’s like in New Hampshire, the first primary in the nation, and to be part of that atmosphere. I don’t know if we’ll go to like Manchester aware, but all the volunteers get together is incredible. So I encourage people to even consider doing that. Also,
Looking ahead to Ohio,
the Ohio primaries March 17. And I’ve already said, I’m going to ask that again. I’ll try to take as many people as possible, I have a host that will host myself and for the people, she’ll definitely try to get me connected to some other housing and average of higher is going to be just as significant as New Hampshire. So if you want it information on that, please call or email me. And let me know you’re interested in going to Ohio. If you want to go to Keene. Just contact Sam directly. You don’t have to contact me just contact Sam and she’s she’s already there. You’ve got the address printed on the sheet. So I hope everyone would consider doing this. If you have to choose between the two I understand.
If you can do both, that would be amazing. So that’s that’s all I really want to talk about today. I don’t have any questions or anything like I can do. I have a couple. Sure. Okay.
Is it okay, if I shared? You’re in her email address? Yeah.
There’s just with a few people that can come. Yeah, you can actually I have this as a digital document. And I will.
I’ll just, I can put it out there on the events page. Okay, I’ll just Yeah, but to make a comment, like I had a great time attending this event, then I’ll attach the document. So you’ll have it and I have Bruce’s email address. So I can email it to his as well. So I mean, it’s this is even though it seems like it’s months away. We really have to start planning some of this stuff right now. You know, and even like requesting time off from work. I am very fortunate to have a flexible job and they allow me to take time off which is amazing. I know not everyone’s in that position. But if you can think ahead, even with the trip to Akron, Ohio and take for no I can do it in March may be the biggest spring break out of it. You know, spiritually some thought
Oh, so I don’t know how big like your Oregon and like we’re heading avatar in Rochester. Like maybe it’s like a lot of you to play and I’m going to like we can we can Hampshire that could be some Holly maybe like Joining Forces and having people that are down here we can go to Rochester
do and actually if someone if one person in the group wants to sort of be like a mini coordinator and say hey, I’d like to be the point of contact in my organization for people that want to travel because then you know the reason I could email back and forth
do they said we might have to go we might actually like be out of like the dream. But if there are like other weekends, either.
Like I say I can definitely be like, no one else wants to I can definitely do it. Sure, sure. And you can. Hi, I have a handoff. Sorry, sir. I think I’m not sure what you heard of my presentation.
Let’s just get some information I’m talking about out of state travel to help out the campaign in New Hampshire specifically. And if you’re interested in doing that there’s information on the back page. They’re already set up to take volunteers to do and we have been investing in December. So have you ever traveled out of state for the
answers? Okay.
Yeah, I’m not too big ass. It’s like I asked like in the campaign really need.
Thank you so much for coming.
And if you want I can give you my email address. So yeah, it’s like a combination. Sure.
Do I just do quick names? Really quick?
So I’m Nathan.
Yeah. Nathan century IW significant other we met for the 2016 campaign and when we actually organized, I think, in Syracuse, at the Palace Theatre sets.
And I, you know, I’ve been following Bernie and he’s
definitely, to me is a candidate that stands out among the rest.
The big thing for me when people ask is I just appreciate this record, I appreciate, you know, like it’s he doesn’t waver from time to time, and he’s a lot of this values and stuff. They hold steadfast all the time. So
I guess that’s a big deal to me. And that’s why
Alright, I’m Kelly just wanted to thank everybody for coming tonight. I really appreciate it.
Thank you for coming.
I also a quick Bernie story. I just got back from Cleveland, Ohio, and I saw a grand total of one presidential on time, and it was a party side. So that actually did make me feel good. I was actually looking for like political science but like to see
what else happened. I think I got him one at a bar.
And like we got into a real discussion about concentrated poverty and most people on minimum wage are in poverty for women, like raising the minimum wage and an employment
That’s my buddy sorry.
My name is Eric.
Just his stance on things like health care, student loans.
You know, corporations getting them out of politics.
You know,
I’m Jessica Simpson, I met some of you are not too drunk.
We love Bernie. And I’m Facebook friends with you and I finally get to meet you.
I am an atheist humanist chaplain. And my husband is currently in the process of hopefully
being created with Syracuse PD. So
I’m a real big advocate of this change has to come from within. I grew up very poor. And I have over $150,000 in student loans I don’t pay and just keep growing.
I do not work right now I was a teacher. So for me, everything he stands for I’m I am a supporter of Black Lives Matters. I
I guess I’m an oddball. I just want him to get this really badly. I feel like he is the complete opposite of what we have now. And I think that’s what we need and is extremely progressive. So I’m super excited. So I just hope to contribute any way I can.
I’m not scared to step up and do that. Just time is hard, have kids at home and
but I have a lot of energy, and I definitely have time.
So, you know, I just made the presentation. I’m Rachel from Rochester, New York. And my biggest interest in the campaign right now is getting people to travel out of state. If we can do that, even in small groups, even if like, you know, five to 10 people, that would be amazing.
And I am jc Cola and I’m a reporter at MCC news at Syracuse University. And I’m here to report on this meeting. So if any of you want to talk to me after the event, just a quick little interview that much appreciated.
I met me back. I came to the first meeting a month ago. Now it seems like it was not that long ago, but it was a whole month ago and I wanted to thank Kelly for coming to veggie fest and helping with the essays that was very successful and we were in your mouth and she signed up a lot of people and she’s very good at that. And I’m looking forward to the regional market, although I saw a friend of mine told me to speak
Well, there’s a lot of dumpsters there. So we’ll see. We’ll see. We started some stairs in the dumpster.
If you wanted to, if you wanted to, like copy that Ohio story will provide the alcohol and
Relatives including one.
Kirk Well, I was just re enrolled as a Democrat from the Green Party. happy about that.
Part of democratic socialists of America not like Bernie is we endorsed him and the socialists don’t like stuff. I think he’s two steps ahead of everyone. Yeah, and like he’s not a fascist and
White supremacy looks like we got some pretty you know it’s kind of
retired teamsters school bus driver for groceries about doing something about it. I just joined the DSA
go with it. Okay. All right before I forget though, whoever didn’t get one yet there are yard signs. So feel free to take one or two like before you leave and the Ross I’ll be bringing to market with us. Yes, you are a donation for home. Wow.
You’re gonna take Yeah, so take like one or two. And I’m gonna bring us the resembling get real socialist.
Give nothing away, you know free art, science, free healthcare and you don’t have to worry about
It says quickly campaign news for those that are on you know, Reddit and Facebook every five minutes like I am probably brings campaign. So far volunteers have made over 2 million phone calls and I’m not going to over $100,000 and I walk which is absolutely amazing. They have 22 field offices and they have over 100 staff. Their recent endorsements are the National Nurses united united teachers of Los Angeles, California, young Democrats. And he actually won that endorsement by quite a few books. Yeah. And he also got an endorsement from the race and democracy of New Hampshire, Vermont and and dozens of elected officials.
As far as what the campaign wants us to do right now, just to touch back on little Rachel talked about definitely like going to knock on doors and I want the New Hampshire is definitely more feasible, you know, rough here in New York. And if you can’t do that, definitely tax bank
And forgive me. For those of you that haven’t done that before, I haven’t either I want to start doing that very soon.
The address was is pretty easy. It’s Bernie Sanders calm you want to call it slash call or slash text and they have training videos for all of those things. And you can definitely like ask questions on either like the writer or the Slack channel. But there are training videos to go through before you can do either listening
as far as what we’re trying to do with a table it but I trust and like you guys want with us and that was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun. We did the brain I think I don’t want to pray over that whatever. And that was really going to lead a lot of positive reception. But fastly same thing, a lot of people came over not only to get the free carrots and we’re giving away but for
every care they say. Yes, yeah, so that was really cool. A lot of positive reception for that. That was amazing.
They got me.
So excited to do the regional market,
DSA and they’re hosting events, I think pretty much weekly, right? Almost
every Saturday, Matt, it will he was at first meeting
now, but he’s taken the lead, but actually in his absence, I shouldn’t say other people have stepped up. And at least I’ve offered to like be there to hand out the information for the canvassing. So that’s, that’s good. Yeah, we’re terrorists in the south side, sir. Who’s man? Mostly, I mean, it’s just beginning. But we’d like to work conjunction with this group.
Yep. So those of you that want to do that, and I’ll definitely try to you know, keep sharing their events like on our Facebook page and our Instagram page. But you guys have a Facebook page to Syracuse DSA. So just follow that to like I said, they do that almost I think every Saturday the camera sings not bad. Like we did an hour and a half and we covered a pretty
area inputs. So it goes very quickly.
How’s the reception been so far? But I think like the I think what they’re finding is like the other issues that affect the community that were canvassing, like, they were canvassing and they were finding like people were saying why can’t vote because I have a felony conviction. And that’s just not true in New York State. And so like to give out that information is you know, really important as well to understand the obstacles that marginalized communities face with voting so I thought like a lot of those people didn’t know that they could. So that was interesting to know. So yeah, the more you get out there before you realize like you know all the obstacles D what canvassing app to use two words it was from our national it was banned.
For by are now
free does pretty good, which really like we’ve done Kevin ZU was no software and we’ve done with the software. So that was like a big improvement.
For the last campaign like were you able to do
early on to like before the official campaign came here in the USA. No, we were not in existence. And we’re actually say that we were very infancy in 2016. Okay. And that’s really great. The fact that like, we could start here in New York a lot earlier than last time, because last time it was like March, February, March. Yeah. So all the time they were starting all the way and, you know, October, November. I think that’s, that’s great. Then we put up
I don’t know Robert’s Rules.
campaign for missy.
And we’re focusing on local elections. Now that that’s over.
How many do you know how many offices like on top of your head like how many like Syracuse DFA members there are.
I don’t know off the top of my head. Well, we just had a general
Two nights ago, one third of people that are people.
Yeah, there’s a lot of people actually their support, like a million North Country, you know, scattered one or two people. They never attend the meetings, but they’re, you know, they support another way. So it’s the general meetings are good, like their membership is greater than, yeah, it is great that we like joined forces with you guys that so many people knocking on doors for Bernie with us early on. That’s pretty awesome. And we’re looking to grow and we’re looking to recruit candidates as we go forward. I think that’s one of the big goals of DSA of electoral committees that we really want to cultivate. You know, people that are thinking of running, we want to actively look for people that share our values and are interested in we also
have to pay attention to local elections too. That’s that’s my opinion. Drivers coming up next year.
Voter Registration is important because we have so
So many unregistered people
are forced
to switch.
Switch your party, your unregistered 30 days.
You can do it through the or you know Department of Motor Vehicles Merci
beaucoup like us can you very easily get a photo expression? Is that one song somebody wanted to do?
I needed Franco at the West cap theater last year. Maybe in September. There was a table with voter registration forms steps. That’s what I was actually thinking about doing that like because there’s a
Lot of concerts and it’s like she was pushing that message. She’s like, there’s table over there. Yeah, very cool. Yeah, I think we should definitely do something like that.
I’ll talk about that in a second. But I want to talk about the regional market first, because I just said what? Oh, yeah, of course. I can go down to the board of elections and pick up voter registration. People Yeah, anybody that wants to do that, I yeah, I called them today to see like, how many like we could actually like get it and they said, just come down here if you want to grab 100 and get them all filled out and then grab another marker.
Like 100
individual can also turn them in, but you have to provide ID and information so
they have to know who you are.
Yeah, I mean, you should grab some at all times, because I forced people will come over to my house to fill it out in the
mail. Mallory for know like, I have a 22 year old daughter SolarCity
For friends are strolling in Are you registered to vote? No.
Explain to them exactly why we go into it and she usually helps me to
get in the door.
You don’t get
that’s a really good idea though. I wanted to bring some I brought some work and I want to bring up a lot of people I work with our register. Yeah, I keep on reading my car.
I don’t want to rush.
Um, so as far as the regional market goes, there was a few little bumps when it came to trying to sign up for that. At first like the first person I spoke to said that we needed like liability insurance that we needed, like all these different forms, and I was like, why do I need my live insurance? How much does it cost and another person I spoke to said that we didn’t need that. So I’m going to the effort and
Yeah, I mean, I hope not. I mean, the person I spoke to said that the Democrats have the liability insurance so we fall under that umbrella because Bernie Sanders is
Oh, so if I do run into a problem, yeah. Okay.
So as far as tabling goes, I have tables. I’m going to try to order buttons and have them by Saturday so we’ll see. When we do when the yard signs to I have a lot of literature like pass out there. I’m going to try to do signups for volunteers. I this right here, you’re looking at Saturday’s what time frame. So Saturday, they told me that I have to be there at 630 in the morning. I don’t expect anybody else to be there at that time.
But if anybody wants to come like throughout the day to you know, give us like a bathroom break or to help out to people like
I think
I think it goes to what like two or three? Maybe it may start at seven nine? Yeah, I think so we have so yeah, we’ll be there at 630 or maybe even a little bit earlier just to make sure that like, you know, we can set off I’m not really sure how often will be there the table that we have is going to be in the see shot, it’s $35 a week. And then there’s like a fee of $20 for every like three months.
So I envisioned off maybe as like a group maybe doing like every like maybe every other week or maybe just like once a month, I mean, depending on like, who wants to maybe help finance that and my mom donated to so we have at least like two weeks that we can do if anybody wants to like help with that. Yeah, our knows anybody that wants to help with that. Get the word out. You can either go there at 630 in the morning like with me if you want to like pay then or
do or I think you mentioned like that long. I’m not really sure.
Or if you want even like this goal there to you know, run the table for a few hours. Like there’s that too.
They may have been like comments or questions about the tabling.
That’s like a really good way to get the word out.
Yes. Yeah.
Can we go to registration forms? Yeah. Do you know about you try to figure that out. You can you do that you will ask for them. Okay. Okay. So Nathan’s going to pick up the regular registration form. So we’ll have that there in case I’m waving down, but I definitely want to register as many people as possible to volunteer. And also know about, you know, our group here with you let them know about DSA to win like your canvassing efforts.
And then as far as I guess, what we want to do, talking about the voter registration forms. I do want to hold drives, I just don’t really know where to do those. But anybody has any suggestions? Again, I know we talked about the two campuses, the colleges around Canada will be interested in like maybe doing that or what’s the best time to look like you know, the week our times of the day. I usually work like nine to
sex but
I don’t know like a weekend would work as far as like the campus goes, I think that’s a great idea and you’ll be concert like even like going there like when people are like London by the door. So just checking like the events in Syracuse to see what’s going on and seeing the girl go there’s like a group, you know a few people and they’ll sign people up to go. But whoever wants to help us do that.
As far as our next meeting that we do want in December, unfortunately, like one group is booked for next month, so I don’t know where we can hold the next one. And we should just wait until January.
If anybody has ideas on what our next meeting we should have,
like this mission. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, January’s gonna be crazy. Yeah, yeah. So I know we need to have a meeting. So I just don’t really know where anybody on how big of our group is but we’ve been meeting at the James welterweight library. There you will usually open till like 837
We’ve been meeting at like 630 I know it’s kind of far I don’t know, the biggest room 40 they have the 40 a moment they have but that’s the thing goes from 40 down to like a 65 Yeah, so there’s not like a 20 in the room but I
mean and he the editor look to see
what day it’s available in December, but I know that we that’s where we usually booked for our electoral committee meetings. Just because we need a place that stays open a little bit later. Yeah. And that is really nice because I know a lot of people get out of work later. So these meetings don’t work for them. So I would like to have like more people and
think it may be smart to if you’re thinking of like monthly meetings or eventually bimonthly or twice bi weekly.
But to think to have like switching up your location, almost like a wheel, you’re going around city so people that can’t make it all the way to their couldn’t make it maybe your Camilla surfing.
We thought about that initially and then they had gotten like, then at least if you haven’t the same spot and people know like, you’re always Oh, there’s a meeting next month and you always know that it’s at this place and we thought about that too about switching it up and then our members were saying that then it gets to be too confusing as to like, Oh, yeah, there’s a meeting but which location is it in? your location you mentioned is free. See, I don’t know what North 30s and I don’t know if they charge a fee for the room I don’t
know Sorry, guys that book yet. I mean, is that really they will The only issue with their services like, like with James shields have to what you just have to set up like an online account with them. I think with more searches you have to go in and there’s like paperwork that you have to fill out if you want to use their community. I mean, the community room is big. I mean, it’s smaller than here. It certainly is accessible, but I know it’s like one more degree of I don’t, I don’t believe that they charge but I do believe that you have to go in and fill out like I’ve seen like the
Five people in their ground because I was in property do this and they have lashes I found that they have a bigger house like that. I am meets there and also there’s live free library which is down the street from us Thompson Lima, same thing. It’s the autumn County Library but you have to sign up ahead of time and they allow
political groups or
Radek committee
not go anywhere during the day while my kids are school, you know the money that I have the effort and time by being able to make those calls would help. Yes, anybody? Yeah, but yes, the line or the James goes away. Well, all I know for sure, although some libraries will give you push about it. It’s happened. At least it’s happened to me
The song
is it’s very little red tape together. Yeah.
I don’t know if they can like I’m sure we had this fight the poWER mentality, we could probably do that it has the power of the place like for Noble. And then for the Onondaga County Library, they have to have a policy. So I don’t think a lot of us has done it. It would be like, Oh, we don’t do that here. But really big check. Oh, whoops. We do you know, I call I think it was just like Syracuse City Library. And I told him like, no, I’m sorry.
Yo, Bush Beauchamp library for the future. So your club.
Okay, we are a club. There’s three different types of libraries.
And they all have different guidelines and the rules, city libraries, the free libraries and what’s
the public come to come
It’s all under the umbrella I got a county but there’s the free libraries the there’s another white noble ism and North places around Britain, but it’s because their funding is all different and that’s what determines their rules because if you’re getting funding from certain places you can’t do the political it’s so my question and all these my ads to maybe Jessica if you guys would be okay is are you willing to reach out to
them and figure out what their various libraries around YC when JD is available in Nova in December, but I don’t know if that’s the theme for everybody. But I chose a little delay. Yeah, I can put it on the engineer had no availability for the month of December. I asked about January and hopefully get like their time January and I’m hoping they have something because I know it leads me to January Yeah. So that’s when it starts getting really good.
done. I’m done.
I did want to say it’s advantageous. It’s worth it to go to the campuses this year, because if she was wanting to own property with presidential elections with all the students, and I don’t think it’d be decided by New York, like I think your New York vote as like if you’re a college student that lives in Ohio or not here, you want to register here, it would make sense. And then something we can convince students to do. And I think that it would not be reasonable and campus
size they have
an issue. We have one at OCC.
So as far as like if you look at a table at like OCC or FD or do you just go in there with like little just clipboards.
yeah so where big time describe
the Bernie campaign wow that was good scrappy and it was big exports
so we just started
start doing stuff oh we can do this or
if you want to do that sometime if anybody else wants to you know get it on that like I
know I’m as she was really friendly to their student groups and I do know some students that are like Bernie supporters. We could probably get into like, then I couldn’t meeting with the Dean of hundreds chapel because he might possibly be pulling me on next year to be the humanist chaplain there. So I’ve been meeting with him four times here so I could always required to see he knows
it’s possible we’ve done it Yeah.
credit card companies. Yeah, credit card applications. I know
you should be able to get a certain goal. I did it last election and we got so many people registered there. And it was just like a one day. It was awesome. And it was freezing and cold.
I just want to
I was with veterans for peace. And we actually, during 2016, we went to the north side mosque. We were outside we registered people with permission of the mom. So you know, things like the registered 30 people or less motors and
things like that, you know? Yeah, O box. Doesn’t perfect. Yeah, we just get out in the community and do that and different areas. I think.
As far as upcoming events, there’s the debate on Wednesday, legacy apps again, for those of you that didn’t make it last
You missed out on all the free popcorn
that’s I think the base starts at nine. So if you want to get there as a little bit earlier, there were some attacks. Where
was God street? What is it? 515 lyst test. Yeah, they are really good drinks but the popcorn is amazing. And even if you say no, he gives it to you anyways. Yeah, just like unlimited popcorn just like having your way all night history. But it’s a lot of fun. I find a lot of people showed up. It was cool.
table at the market on Saturday. And then just check out Syracuse DSA on Facebook.
every January Yes.
So one of the I feel like I would put feelers out on searches for Sanders and stuff. But the Bernie campaign is looking for delegates. So yeah.
So the delegates search is ongoing. So the Bernie campaign has opened new weight on Broadway.
But what? The New Year progressive Action Network We were founded as the 2016 delegate slate month, we have heard me say this, and I’ll speed it up for those who haven’t heard me say
email so far. Yeah, just I know it’s kind of long. Anyway. So now the 24th congressional district gets seven delegates.
So nine pan has identified six delegates, we need one more woman. So if you know a woman who is a registered Democrat in the 24th congressional district that is capable of doing delegate tasks,
have them reach out. We’re telling everyone so the Bernie campaign has like an official form and you’re supposed to fill out that doesn’t give you a confirmation page.
You just fill it out of it. Just like
But we think they are receiving them.
Check in. But if you like that link, do it. But what we’re going to do is to tell everyone to fill those out tonight and we are also putting together our own slate and
giving us
nine panels to New York progressive Action Network. So in 2016, Bernie’s delegates slate is, you know, hundred Party supporters all around the state. And we had everyone’s email address, we will coordinate it was like we should do something. So we started doing to your progressive Action Network. Well, can you speak to like what the duties are done, we get
great detail. I can also send you an email. It says pretty dumb. So the like sheep task, have a place to delegate, which is which would be running to do is to show up to the Democratic Convention, and pledge your support for whoever you can.
Bernie Sanders is our
world The reason. So that’s like the chief tax, but there’s a lot of thing that goes into that. So you have to get yourself on the ballot, which means that you need 500 signatures. So luckily, we’re going to make one sheet with all six of us and Bernie, so we had to be burning on the ballot. So like,
so I’m hoping everyone’s down for that, because Bernie doesn’t get on the ballot, which is kind of spinning the wheels. Um, so you got to get yourself on the ballot, then you have to get yourself to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s where it’s taking place this year. And you need to find shelter for yourself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And then you actually have to show up on the day of invoke, and then if it’s a contested convention, on the second round, everyone’s like free agents, but not so like Bernie put on his thing. Are you willing to vote for Bernie or whoever the senator votes for? The senator tells you to vote for us?
Bernie Sanders
at the convention, so no one wins until someone gets a 50%. So like, let’s say Bernie has 48 Warren has five bypass 39. Budaj has 13. And so like, it’s I don’t think anyone’s gonna break 50 before the convention.
If a big name drops out, that would be huge. I don’t see that coming, but like the rules of the Democratic Convention are off the rails, but they make no sense. Like legally, all of Biden’s delegates can pledged their support for Hillary Clinton. They can place their support for Maurice Brown, Roma, and because of that, it’s really important who these pledged delegates are so like, the Bernie campaign has taken a real concerted effort, because what happened in
that too, but like each congressional district is a lot of a certain amount. So on Election Day, let’s say let’s use 60 minutes, and even number
If I actually know use this device, which is easier because man, this is going to be a lot harder with all the other candidates but like, burning one half the vote, and Hillary won the other half and it was like 5545. But both candidates got three delegates, because it was half and half. So this year the party gets 42. And then if somebody is 20, like it’s going to be that complicated. But whoever the elected pledged delegates are they get voted from Central.
That clear, yeah, so
you need six, you have five and you’re looking for one more thing seven. It was six last time and now it’s seven, I guess population shifted or we need seven. So but you’re still looking for one more, we’re still looking for one and the campaign officially is looking for seven. The Bernie Sanders campaign technically has 09 10 is putting together a slate that I’m on and I get
But if not, um,
but yeah, I can send you an email with all the details
are interested.
But as a group, we’re going to have to help that delegate sleep.
And I want to talk about that a little bit more.
Was canvassing for presidential candidate is significantly easier than a local candidate. Everyone is a district.
You just have to live in America.
Can I ask you questions?
I am a detective coming to my house right now to me, my family.
Quite invasive, right.
They have to do that, I guess. Oh,
yes, but they see you and I’ll try to
I’m sorry, I missed your Saturday at 630 Oh,
yeah, I
feel free
libraries. Yeah.
Me, they just told me know and like okay.
So I wasn’t involved last time around, like on the ballot, I guess and so how do you go about that? How many signatures like do you mean? So So petition process like any other electoral decision process, so for the presidency is done by state, so in New York State, Bernie needs 10,000 signatures, and all of you are in all
need, like 3000. He needs 500 in each congressional district. So the 24th congressional district
is Onondaga,
Wayne and half of Sligo County.
nobody’s buying and we’re going to kill that.
We so the point is once someone signs for burning, they can’t sign for Warren they can’t sign providing like that man still goes into it. I wouldn’t be shocked if anyone challenged presidential signatures because 10,000 statewide 10,000 statewide is so low like, I think Germany Williams who have really underfunded campaign, I think he turned in like 70,000. So Bernie Sanders,
Bernie doesn’t turn in at least 200,000 I would be very shocked. I think that I me personally,
I don’t think this campaign is any different. And I think that elections are one during I think that this is your chance to if you want get out, get in front of this kind of like canvassing and said, Now you have a way more natural reason to be here. It’s like, you know, we want to get them on the ballot. We’re in support. We’re at canvassing, you’re kind of you know, just a strange
You’re at the door, but this is your honest to go out. But
those doors are not
only Democrats,
WFP will be to photography is going to a little placeholder.
But in theory, collecting signatures is a thing where you can do that and Trump had to collect signatures and
how he was gonna have to collect bringing signatures. President That’s so crazy.
Yeah, so what if you’re a delegate, the expectation is going to be a lot higher just because, you know, our names are actually on the paper. But I think if I give everyone can get 50 signatures. I don’t think that
That’s a lot because this isn’t like, like, you really don’t have to go door to door literally almost everyone, you know, if they’re registered Democrat, they can suck. But, like, little
funny, they live in New York State, and it makes it easier, but harder, because now you got to make sure people are registering.
And also I just see no way how things are getting challenged. So like it’s way too loose. It’s not like,
like with local petitions, you know, for a fact.
Well, yeah, and as far as like, if you are a delegate, do you have to get like so many signatures like for yourself, or does that include so legally, legally, if you’re a delegate, you need 500 signatures, but we’re going to do and Bernie’s campaign with each of the 7500 each technically, but if you put all of their names on one page, including Bernie
Like when someone signs one time for Bernie, all six of the delegates name will be on the page. So that’ll be one signature for each of them. So it’s really only 501 time. But like if somebody wanted to go fight let’s say Bernie chooses a delegate slate and if someone’s like that
they would have to collect their arms and Okay, and even then I don’t think they would be able to close the final approval comes down to the campaign. Okay, don’t be a waste of time. Yeah, but legally they can do so you collect the signatures and then like your name last time was on
So just because like you volunteer to be a delegate doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be chosen. So the campaign makes the final decision.
On we’re going to put together a delegate slate, we’re going to meet as a delegate slate, we’re going to like talk about the duties of delegates and you know, you should be a walking billboard for campaign.
Always a good thing.
So the six people that show up next to Bernie like that the original six or seven this time that the campaign has great saying, but like, Who are the people who actually go, that’s out to the public? Because
I guess the only reason or the main reason I asked is because I know we talked about the lodging there and how it’s expensive. So like the earlier you can do, I guess, fine housing, like a better deal, but how do you do it early, you don’t know.
Like, you know, like a month ahead of time and then like, everything costs like
you’ll know April 26 25th.
But um, yeah, you won’t know until then what we did last time and we’ll probably do it this time, but with
coordinated we set up like a GoFundMe for the delegates, and I don’t run into people like,
like collecting signatures.
And it’s actually kind of fun because like, it gives people like some skin in the game.
I’m excited, you
know, voter registration on the campus, so this is important.
Anyone else had a question?
So how long is that process?
Like actually being in the Oh, that’s the convention is usually like three days, but it’s like a week. like everyone’s grandstands.
Say 2004 they gave Obama the chance to grandstand and that like, catapulted him, but I’m sure Cuomo is going to give a speech I’m sure like, Al Gore is going to give a speech. But like, is it is a week of that? Yeah. And
I like Tulsi grandstander last year.
My friend Keith Facebook Live literally his entire show. And that video is still up and it’s so interesting. A lot of shenanigans happened last time we’re like the seats for Bernie’s the like physical seats for Bernie’s pledged delegates. Someone someone on Governor Cuomo staff just put place cars I said reserved for Governor Cuomo on like all the seats and then everybody was like,
ended up moving those things. Like it wasn’t just shenanigans.
I’m prepared for the shenanigans which is why
I think it’s gonna be shenanigans of the highest order
this is gonna be like well just many candidates it’s gonna be
I’m praying that either Camelot or may or drop out before
one drops out three more want to get mine
like rabbits like every time
I do think it helps us though because the only people who are like adding on now or I’ll centrist only compete with
the beginning.
What’s the whole thing there was like a poll that came out and the Bernie supporter like is the strongest or other people like they said the pole or the title of any article about that will say oh Biden support drops they won’t go to
networking out for his strong and less likely to switch to other candidate or like there’s other
People support like, they might like this person in the moment, but who knows, like come Wednesday during the debate. You know, someone says something they don’t like. And if someone seems more strong, then they switch their support from that person to the Mavericks. So there’s a lot of
support, where a lot of Bernie supporters
stand strong.
Yeah, cleaning business.
Does anybody have any questions about anything?
Thank you.
You’ve been in that particular city since 97.
That was surprising that they saw my camera up at the university with the protests. That was like, I haven’t
seen this man in ever on TV for nothing like this man shows up for nothing. And then all of a sudden areas I was like, Oh my goodness, he must feel he must be getting a little bit of heat. He must be getting a little very ever shows up for anything in there is. There’s a lot of like rumors going around Albany as to like who’s behind this. And it’s proving my point of he hasn’t been doing this job. And like, if you think so many people are out to get you. That’s not okay. You should live your life like that. But I’m not calling any of them.
So, you’re Canada See that?
I’m still exploring. So there’s a lot that I need to figure out.
The biggest thing is for most of my adult life, I’ve worked on campaigns and due to campaign finance laws, if I’m the candidate, I can’t collect the salary of
From the campaign, so this would be the first time as an adult, I have to go without salary. And I’ll have to go without salary
without salary.
the next thing
reached out to my dad and I was like, what’s up?
Last year, you guys did amazing things with fundraising and holding concerts. Is there any plans for you guys to do that? This time around. We have now open to it. I was gonna ask you if some of those people would be willing to do that?
Because I know we’re not. So what happened last time. I’m happy when I’m allowed to
go to school, and he’s a big Bernie supporter. I’m pretty sure he’s celebrating support. I actually don’t know anymore though. But I think he is no idea. Yeah, I’m willing to be public with that.
Okay, maybe not. But last time literally, we just were like, Hey, Joe put together a concert. He puts
lavish concert he booked them. He got performers, tickets, like that’s what he does. I know there was like, a comedy show to
do if there’s interest in that I could put together.
I could put together a comedy show, you know, a bunch of local comedians, great. Can we do like donations for that? Or how does that work? So if I have anything to do with it, any money we raise is going straight to the bar or to the campaign, because I
know my job. So we do raise money. And we just bring it right to the campaign. And it’s when the digital campaign comes here. They’re still
like, I’m gonna like if we do it, they’ll be like a door fee of $5. But like, literally going to go straight to the campaign, I mean, to the bar, and you’re going to say if you want to make the donation to Bernie’s campaign,
Do it through
a pack last year last time we set up a pack. Yeah. 16 we shouldn’t have done that. We know now. So what happened? Is anyone legally affiliated to serve us for Sanders was not able to coordinate with the Bernie Sanders campaign because we’re looking at in Rochester and we had issues last time around as well. And I know it’s a big issue into it. Doing research. You know, Arthur Schwartz. Yeah, yeah, I was in contact with him a lot last year. Yeah. So So what he is who told us to make a pack? I think legally, you can set up a seat for what about just a pack for your local fundraising like to have an office and stuff like that, which you can so if you have once you open up a pack, yeah, you can’t coordinate within the campaign. It’s like the IE rule. The second you open up any kind of package.
You can’t like physically talk to people because people can donate two packs unlimited the
donation for presidential candidate is 4000 whatever might be 2020 700 $700 so like, the reason packs can’t coordinate is because like hypothetically let’s say I’m Ilan musk yeah I want to support Bernie I donate $2,700 to him and then I know there’s this pack that’s coordinating doing everything he would do with the money that I can donate to unlimited Lee. So the reason the law is like that is because people on the right have abused the hell out of that
way you can coordinate so look into it because the fines legally like the money fine is not worth it also is a horrible look for the Bernie campaign and if you’re serious about him pointing you know on that I know because we actually already I think you guys have ever seen we have an RC number on file whose name is
Monroe County for Bernie Sanders who’s like the name on like the
Nick. Well TU I know him from George Alberto. So what you should tell Nick to do is get as few people on that as possible. Yeah only Nick legally like then Nick just can’t coordinate Yeah. Someone could make a case that as many people associated with that this is where I just don’t want to do this way too complicated. Yeah, no, it’s not worth it like
anything we need as like we can
talk tonight panel nine men pays for it. Or like most things are pretty low.
So like, there’s really no need for money like we could get t shirts or we could. So you guys aren’t aren’t going to try to have a mobile
Are you going to try and have a like a storefront office for the campaign. I’ll let them
You did
everything okay. Okay.
Freedom. I know I know this is good I’m glad that you’re sharing this with me because I have to share this with other people it did not work out last time last time was a really big problem Yeah.
So Syracuse for Sanders we had like a legal like board. Yeah. And legally no one on that board could coordinate with the campaign. And it was like a big problem because we had done so much work. We had the yeah palace thing. Yeah. ton of money that we had an office that the campaign Couldn’t you was like, I always wondered why they couldn’t. You know, it was weird because they didn’t use our office. That’s so weird. They did use our offices.
state or federal law and federal.
And again, I’m not a lawyer. This is
My understanding of it from speaking with like Arthur, and like other lawyers, and what I got out of the conversation is it’s just not worth it. Like, I think DSA agreed to make an IE. And I even that I didn’t agree with, I get it. Because DSA can fundraise like Oh, wow. Yeah. And if you
think like, all the data, you guys, all the data we collect as DSA. We can’t give that to the campaign. So like, we get told, you know, like, DSA has an IE that pays for event.
So like, let’s say DSA identifies 5000 people that’s going to vote for Bernie. We can’t give that to the campaign. Yeah, legally, but they can’t also use the Bernie campaign stuff like they have all their own material.
So they can’t they refuse their own literature and they made a decision at the beginning that like, you know,
You wanted to like we they made a conscious decision of the people that were going to be involved. Like, if you wanted to do strictly campaign with the National or you want to do strictly DSA work with you to make sure that they could not do both and those people could
I get it. I just, I’m not alone.
Yeah, yeah.
Any other questions about anything else and the Bernie experiences that have been going on? Anyone want to share
a couple less people on stage. Yes.
She did. She did. She
I think who
There’s to catch up on all this trivia extra it’s not going to be on. Oh, that’s right. And Castro was phenom Castro Castro didn’t make it you know, I was surprised by that. Yeah.
1420 I think there was not on the debate stage.
There should be another Williamson still running
Yeah, Marianne Williamson
just be like the motivator and she
she was great. She was great. Yeah. For a breath of fresh air.
I was reading this even though I don’t think it should be him because he the white man, but you can too.
Bernie and you know, but I was reading an article about how NATO is like the dream Vice President, because beta could be Trump in Texas. And like if you’re trying to win the Electoral College, and you went Texas, you got you got to really blow it everywhere else. If you win Texas, just Texas has a lot of red electoral votes. And if you get Texas you you would have to lose Michigan, Ohio.
You’d literally have to lose everywhere else. And because of that, I think they’d only like the perfect VV thing because
that Texas was ran ran his campaign and when he ran against Ted Cruz, the key campaign a lot they reminded me like a burn like an escort. He drove all around not not doors like
forever Yeah, she’s I bought like blocking
comes back close. Yeah.
element of 36.
But like they were saying that the reason it was betaworks cruise, and they think Cruz is better, more like in Texas than Trump, like they don’t think Trump would do as good in Texas as Cruz. So like Cruz and more like
I don’t know, I don’t know which I would pick. I would probably go cruise just because it’s the unknown, but because we know what we’re getting out of this administration.
But yeah, I would go crazy because he reminds me of
like, oh, that the Zodiac Killer.
Thank you. Yeah. I mean, we have the room for a little while, I know you were having a meeting possibly, like interview a few more people. So if anybody wants to do that, and ask some questions about your Bernie, maybe while you’re here tonight, why do you support Bernie? Okay, we’ll take a little while and yard signs, please take one. Otherwise I’ll see people that are tweeting and maybe the regional markets.
Oh,the watch party!
there’s so much popcorn like please come.

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