Syracuse Hancock International Airport Seeing Record Attendance Syracuse Hancock International Airport seeing record attendance

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— Syracuse Hancock International Airport experienced a significant surge in traveler numbers in March 2024, marking it as the fifth busiest month at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint since 2005.

TSA officers screened 140,790 individuals at the airport security checkpoint last month, marking the most passengers seen in March in nearly 20 years. Despite challenges faced by the travel industry during the pandemic, the TSA observed a rebound in passenger volumes, indicating a strong resurgence in air travel demand. The record-breaking number of travelers passing through the Syracuse airport highlights the revival of the Syracuse-metro area, which has adapted well to evolving passenger needs and expectations.

To increase the flow of pedestrian traffic, the airport recommends passengers arrive no later than two hours before their flight. When going through the screening procedures, pedestrians are advised to have their boarding pass and driver’s license at the ready.

Overall, the surge in traveler numbers at Syracuse Hancock International Airport reflects a positive trend in the aviation industry’s recovery and signals a promising outlook for future air travel.

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