Syracuse Homeowners Plan to Renovate Home Syracuse Homeowners Plan to Renovate Home

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — After having a home for 10 years, using the same garage and walking the into your old bathroom, renovations are just creative ideas. But for some Syracuse homeowners ideas must come to fruition.

Syracuse Homeowner, Paul Rush is knee dip in a house renovation  project. Rush has partnered with the McClurg team to rebuild his garage, after attending their quarterly seminar.

The garage is beginning to root, which puts Rush in position to make some critical decisions and a budget.

“I’m interested in high performance, and purchasing the right materials for my home” says Rush.

Homeowners are renovating their houses for many different reasons, but they all need the right team for the job. The renovation process strenuous  and homeowners have to be willing to adjust, so their homes are being fixed to their satisfaction.

Paul Rush’s budget, is a key factor in the process, and will control all the parts he will need to recreate his soon to be new garage.

Director of Sales, Jon Bristol says “budgeting is the key because that allows us to the show the homeowner what is possible”.

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