Syracuse Mets Say Rebranding Will Change the Fan Experience Syracuse Mets Hope To Expand Fan Base And Experience

The Mets plan to expand both its fan experience and fan base.

ANC: Syracuse baseball fans are going to “Meet the Mets” when the 2019 season begins. N-C-C News’ Amanda Albert learned that the re-branding is not only going to benefit the team, but the entire area.

ALBERT: The New York Mets have committed to keeping baseball alive in Syracuse for at least 25 more years. Michael Tricarico (try-CARE-ih-co), Syracuse Mets’ Assistant Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations said this change is huge for the community.

TRICARICO: People who are part of this community and even people from around the state can come here to Central New York, come to Syracuse and see a New York baseball team.

ALBERT: Tricarico (try-CARE-ih-co) added that the fan experience is one of the most important parts of the change.

TRICARICO: We’re looking to help increase and improve the fan experience. I know the Mets are trying to improve the fan experience as soon as they can.

ALBERT: He said the team hopes and is excited to expand their fan base.

ALBERT: Amanda Albert, N-C-C News.

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse Mets, formerly known as the Chiefs, will keep baseball alive in Central New York for at least 25 more years after the New York Mets signed a contract with the team lasting until 2043.  However, the name is not the only thing the team will be changing. Renovations to NBT Bank Stadium are in the plans to improve the fan experience.

The $25 million The Mets received  from the county and state will be used towards the stadium’s renovations. Some of the renovations will be in place for the 2019 season.

Michael Tricarico
Some of the NBT Bank Stadium renovations will include upgrades with lighting, seats, the entryway, etc.
© 2018 Michael Tricarico

“I know the New York Mets and of course our organization here in Syracuse are excited to have the process move forward and to see the official announcement of exactly what is going to come out,” said Michael Tricarico, Syracuse Mets’ spokesperson. “We’re excited and we hope and we think that will really improve the fan experience.” 

Not only do the Mets plan to improve its fan experience, but the team hopes that its fan base will expand as well. Baseball has been a part of Syracuse for over 80 years. According to Tricarico, the Mets franchise hopes to keep the sport as an integral part of the community for years to come.

The Syracuse Chiefs have been associated with the city since 1934.
© 2018 Amanda Albert

“Our hope is that the fan base expands,” Tricarico said. “We think we have a very excited fan base for baseball in Syracuse, which has been here for many decades. We think that those fans are excited, we hope at least, about the future of baseball here in Syracuse.”

“[With] the New York Mets having their players here in Syracuse, I think you certainly extend the New York Mets fan base,” Tricarico added. If you have fans of the Mets that are around New York State, that can bring them here to Syracuse.”




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