Syracuse Mets Want Beer at the Ballpark to be Family Friendly Beer at the Ballpark

By Daniel Booth SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – On Friday,  the Syracuse Mets are hosting the annual Ballpark Beer Fest at NBT Bank Stadium. The stadium concourse will be filled with roughly 120 different beers from all across the country. The festival will include beer from Queens, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, the Finger Lakes, and the Hudson Valley. Local brewing companies Eastwood, Buried Acorn, Willow Rock, and Full Boar are representing Syracuse this year.

“It’s really great to develop those relationships, and it’s great for the fans to be able to be introduced to another local company that they might not have otherwise heard about,” said Syracuse Mets Director of Business Operations Katie Berger.

NBT Bank Stadium does their best every year to create a unique atmosphere for the festival. This year anyone who attends has the opportunity to walk onto the field, and participate in batting practice.

“In the past the festival kind of had a reputation of just being a distributor dump, it’s the stuff that the guys needed to get rid of, and it was kind of a drunk fest,” said Assistant General Manager Clint Cure. “We just want people to view us as a safe, fun, affordable place to bring their family, and whether that’s a baseball game, whether it’s a festival or a show, we want to be considered as a form of quality entertainment in this area.”

Some beer festivals have track records of getting out of hand, but the Syracuse Mets officials say they are working to create a family-friendly atmosphere for anyone who attends this year’s festival, and all the festivals to come. They encourage people who attend this year’s festival to drink responsibly, and to stay safe. For ticket information, and a complete list of the breweries, visit their website.

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