Syracuse Mets Wrap Up a Historic Season Syracuse Mets Wrap Up a Historic Season

By Brandon Mintz SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  Of the many things taken away from us during the COVID-19 pandemic, live sports was one of the most noticeable. Empty stadiums and arenas worldwide left teams without one of their biggest motivations, the fans.

The Syracuse Mets were the first team in Central New York to bring spectators back to the ballpark, and after a canceled 2020 season, everyone was ready to get a sense of normalcy back to NBT Bank Stadium.

Syracuse Mets Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations Michael Tricarico could sense the difference of having fans back in the stands.


“It was really exciting to have fans back actually in the stands not just to have baseball but to have people actually here being able to watch the games and to have that enthusiasm.”

As COVID-19 has progressed, things have been able to inch ever closer to the way they were pre-pandemic.

“As the year has gone on obviously the pandemic has trended in a more positive direction so we’ve been able to loosen a lot of those requirements including the testing requirement and the masking requirement for fans who are fully vaccinated.”

Syracuse Mets General Manager Jason Smorol just wants to get back to engaging with the Syracuse community.

“To be a part of the community, to have these days where families can come out, run the bases and take part of the most affordable family fun place in this city. Nobody does what we do.”)

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In what felt like way too long since we’ve seen live baseball in the Central New York area, the Syracuse Mets have put an end to that. 

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