Syracuse Rabbi Expresses Sorrow Over Israel-Palestine Conflict Syracuse Rabbi Expresses Sorrow Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Patrick Smith: In a region long fraught with tension and conflict. The middle east finds itself once again at the center of global attention. As Israel engages in a conflict thousands of miles away, the people of Syracuse sense the weight of the situation.

Smith: I spoke with Rabbi Shore and he shares his deep concerns about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Rabbi Evan Shore: Because someone goes into the Army, anybody should be protected. But they’re in it for that. An innocent civilian, it goes to the core of I think humanely what were are willing to stand for and that’s why I think the world is coalescing together this has got to stop.

Smith: As the nation and the Syracuse community remain vigilant in the coming weeks, today, on the day of Jihad, many are exercising heightened caution.

Rabbi Shore: My life, our lives are in their hands and they are top notch. And I hope they go back to their families each and every single day in good health.

Smith: A Syracuse University student Carson Crestohl, voices his concerns about the ongoing issues in the middle east, expressing shared concerns with others, including those back home in Toronto.

Carson Crestohl: I do have concerns for family back home in Toronto, you know there is a lot of celebration of the violence that has taken place.

Smith: As tensions continue to surge in the western part of the middle east, a pressuring question looms large — will this simmering crisis escalate further? Reporting for N-C-C News, in Syracuse, I’m Patrick Smith.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  Amidst an enduring backdrop of turmoil and discord, the Middle East once more commands the world’s focus. While Israel becomes entangled in a distant conflict, the residents of Syracuse unmistakably bear the gravity of this international scenario.

Here in Syracuse, others are voicing their concerns within the conflict thousands of miles away. Local Rabbi Evan Shore of a nearby synagogue (asked to remain anonymous) spoke about how his Synagogue is doing its best to create peace,

“my synagogue is praying for the peace, for the entire area three times a day. And I think this is what Judaism is for, the idea of peace.” said Rabbi Shore.

Khaled Meshaal, the former leader of Hamas, has called for a “Day of Jihad” across different nations, encouraging people to join the fight against Israel. In response, Rabbi Shore has expressed that he doesn’t have an issue with the protest, but he believes it’s important not to take actions that harm others.

“We live in the greatest country in the world, if you want to protest I don’t have a problem, but don’t break the law, don’t threaten the lives of other people,” said Rabbi Shore.

A Syracuse University student, Carson Crestohl, suggests that individuals who are not familiar with the current situation or the underlying reasons should consider conducting research on the historical context of the conflict,

“To get themselves educated on the history of the conflict. There have be wrongs committed by both sides of this conflict, but what I want people to understand is that the present Free Palestine movement is specifically celebrating the attacks and the murders of innocent Jewish men, women and children, not only in Israel but across the world,” said Crestohl.

In a region where peace remains elusive, both sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict continue to seek a path forward, as the world watches with hope for a lasting resolution.

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