Syracuse Soccer Native Starts His Own Training Claude Academy is Giving Back

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)Claude Tuyishimire is a graduate of Nottingham High School, a four-year soccer player at Keuka College and now he is the head coach of Nottingham High School boys soccer team. Despite all of that, he still finds time to train kids from all over Syracuse. 

His skills development classes are hour-long sessions that work on a variety of things like: touch, passing, dribbling, and effective ways to either make the player a better attacker or defender. 

When coming to America at just 10 years old, the love for the game was already there for him because he watched his brothers in his home country. 

“That’s all I have known from growing up, soccer is a beautiful game and its played worldwide. The fans put their all into one team but can still come together for the love of the sport,” Tuyishimire said.

Tuyishimire wants to be a mentor for the kids of Syracuse, someone he wishes he had when he was growing up. 

“I’m still learning how to do this too. Yeah, I played in college but there is always something new to learn even from the kids, I watch all different kinds of soccer whether its the Premier League or MLS,” Tuyishimire said.

He even gets tips and tricks from various forms of social media like TikTok and Instagram. Claude Academy is hosting a summer camp from July 31 until August 2 for boys and girls ages 11-17 at Corcoran High School. There is a t-shirt included and you can register online at

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