Syracuse To Tear Down Kimmel and Marion Hall Syracuse To Tear Down Kimmel and Marion Hall

Syracuse To Tear Down Kimmel and Marion Hall and Replace With New Dorms

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud announced that Kimmel and Marion hall will be torn down and replaced by two new residential halls on campus. This decision comes in an effort to expand on-campus housing due to an increase in admitted students over the last few years. One of the residential halls will be located on 700 Ostrom Avenue, while the second one will be built where Marion and Kimmel are now located. The two halls are the first new dorms built since Ernie Davis hall opened 15 years ago.

For Syracuse students Rahill Jaiswall and Timmy Wilcox, it is time for an upgrade.

“The location is great but the dorm itself, I’d classify as a dump.” Jaiswall said. “It’s really old and run down so I definitely think it’s time for a new dorm. I think they’re making the right decision in bringing it down.”

“It was pretty surprising, but at the same time you can see from living here that this building has had a lot of wear and tear.” Wilcox said. The bathrooms are old, the elevator is very slow, so things like that could be replaced but it probably makes sense for the university to completely rebuild the building and move on to something bigger and better.”

This isn’t the only effort Syracuse has made to increase housing. Last November, it was announced that the Sheraton Hotel would be transformed next year into a building exclusively for student living. SU said that conversion will take place in May and open in the fall of 2024. There is no timeline of when construction of the new residential halls will be finished.

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