Syracuse Trivia Company Gives Back to the Community A Local Trivia Company Gives Back to the Community

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Syracuse Trivia Company has been providing weekly trivia for bars and restaurants across the city, but they have also been giving back to the community through charity donations.

Brian Cocca, president of the company said he started it in 2009 because he couldn’t find an adequate trivia game in Syracuse and his brother encouraged him to create his own. Cocca ran the entire company alone at one restaurant when it first began. Now he has 25 employees hosting at over 30 restaurants.

“We kind of honed our game in terms of figuring out what our audience likes and what appeals to them,” Cocca said. “We try to make sure that we’re reaching that as a goal. We’re connecting with what people are interested in.”

Ten years ago Cocca started donating profits from his company to charities including Covenant House, the Boys and Girls Club, and now  the Onondaga Earth Corps. Syracuse Trivia Company has donated $23,204.40 to the Earth Corps.

Onondaga Earth Corps works with youth and teaches them about our ecosystem through activities such as planting trees and neighborhood beautification.

“We wanted to just kind of connect with some other organizations that are doing good work and use our platform and our exposure to do more than just entertain people with beer and questions,” said Cocca.

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