Syracuse Winterfest’s First Weekend Features Food Tours and Ice Carving Syracuse Winterfest's First Weekend Features Food Tours and Ice Carving

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The first weekend of Syracuse Winterfest featured a food tour of downtown restaurants and an ice carving on Saturday, Feb. 15. Winterfest attendees could sample food from 10 different Syracuse restaurants with a $5 ticket.

Restaurants included Maxwell’s, Eleven Waters and The Mission Restaurant.

“There’s lots to do. A lot of different restaurants and a lot of outdoor activities,” said Bill Sciarabba, a Mexico resident  and Winterfest attendee.

At the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, ice artisan Adam Vural carved two heart shaped swans.


artisan carving ice
Ice artisan Adam Vural works on his ice carving in front of the Marriot Syracuse Downtown.
© 2020 Andrew Rubino

It is the 35th year of Syracuse Winterfest. Keith Hubbard, of Baldwinsville, used to bring his daughter to events when she was younger.

“We used to [bring her] all the time, yeah,” Hubbard said. “Events around Syracuse are always fun and pleasant.”

In addition to the ‘culinary cruise,’ Winterfest attendees could sample martinis and cosmopolitans at downtown bars and restaurants.

“You can get out of the house, it’s the middle of winter, it’s, you know, a nice break from the daily grind,” said  Sciarabba.

Winterfest continues through Feb. 23.


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