Syracuse’s Summer Scorch: Will It Be the Hottest Yet? Syracuse's Summer Scorch: Will It Be the Hottest Yet?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — This summer in Syracuse could potentially be the hottest on record.

The National Weather Service and private forecasting agencies predict temperatures to rise three to four degrees above normal.

With air conditioners expected to run more frequently, concerns about affordability are emerging for Central New Yorkers.

National Grid has already announced a potential increase in electricity prices, which, if approved, could see utility bills rise by an average of $34 per month.

This has sparked mixed reactions among locals.

“I think that the rates should be higher to encourage people to toughen it out a little bit,” said Shannon Fisher, a Syracuse resident.

However, as National Grid seeks major rate hikes amid rising temperatures, many New Yorkers might find higher energy bills difficult to face.


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