Tai Chi Classes Open to the Public in Syracuse Tai Chi Classes Open to the Public in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—“I was sixteen when I went to a Kong Fu school. The master told me that I was a very angry child. And he would only teach me TaiChi.” After 30 years, American Eric Tucker became a TaiChi master himself. This slow-moving Asian Kong Fu was not what the teenage Tucker wanted to learn. It was so boring that he dropped it once, but picked it up again in his 20s to help him recovered from a car accident. Then he realized that Kong Fu maybe not about attacking others, but improving the inner self.

“A lot of injuries inhibit healing in our abilities because our mind tells us that. TaiChi takes that out.” After that, he started to help with other injuries to recover through TaiChi. Though he almost earns nothing by teaching, he enjoys guiding people to feel TaiChi’s flow and balance both physically and mentally.

Student Sam England found Taichi a useful way to release stress: “If I have some moments of anxiety or have a stressful day, I can just step into my office and do the moves for a couple of minutes. And it sort of sends to me and helps me feel right with the world.” Student Ginny Grieb loves to getting up early and practicing Tai Chi, “It help me get rid of the surroundings and only focus on myself. This can help the rest of the day easier.”

Free Kong Fu classes are now available in Syracuse Central Rock Gym at 6:30 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays . Tucker says there’s no need to worry about the culture difference or the unique postures. When you’re practicing TaiChi, all you need to do is to “feel the energy from your head to your toe.”

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