Taste of Korea Brings Food, Games, Culture to Syracuse Taste of Korea Brings Food, Games, Culture to Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Taste of Korea turned Syracuse into a cultural hotspot for the day

At East Syracuse’s Silver Street Event Center, the Taste of Korea transformed the city into a hub of Korean cuisine and culture. The Taste of Korea offered a variety of activities such as games and face painting. 

Local organizer Steven Park said he is hosting the Taste of Korea because nowadays many Americans like Korean culture such as K-pop and Korean food.

“That’s why I’m holding this Korean festival called Taste of Korea. We are introducing Korean food and culture to the people of Syracuse,” said Park. 

Victoria Heindorf was drawn to the event because of her interest in Korean culture. 

 “I wanted to try new food and I love Korean culture and K-pop. The food here is pretty good so I just love it,” said Heindorf. 

Park plans to launch Korean classes at the Silver Street Event Center in Syracuse.

Joey Hahm, a Taste of Korea volunteer, said he hopes the event offers Syracuse more Korean experiences than just the food.

Little boy
Little boy at the Taste of Korea playing ddakji, a traditional South Korean game played with folded paper tiles.
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“We’re hoping that this is going to be the beginning to many more Korean experiences,” said Hahm. “We’re also advertising a Korean trip that we do once every year at the end of July. We teach Korean so that we all can speak Korean when we go there.” 

Volunteer Jaden Hanniford joined to learn more about Korean culture, as she was already a fan of Korean dramas and music.

“I’ve always watched K-dramas and listened to K-pop for as long as it’s been popular. So I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get to know more about it,” said Hanniford. 

The Taste of Korea is one of many events in Syracuse celebrating the city’s diverse cultures. Due to this year’s strong turnout, Park plans to host another event this fall.

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