Test crashes indicate heavy electric vehicles are too much for nation’s guardrails Testing indicates heavy electric vehicles are too much for US guardrails

Released test crash results raise concerns over electric vehicle safety.

As electric vehicles rise in popularity, so do questions over their safety. The University of Nebraska released results of a crash test Wednesday morning that are raising concerns. The preliminary test indicated that the nation’s guardrails are not equipped to hold up against heavy electric vehicles.

The testing comes after the public and the National Transportation Safety Board expressed concern over the weight disparities between electric and gas powered vehicles. The testing was done on new, larger models of electric vehicles like Rivian pickup trucks and Tesla sedans. 

Guardrails along U.S. roadways are intended to keep vehicles safely on the road and away from dangerous surrounding areas. Multiple of the electric vehicles tested broke through the guardrails with little effort, indicating that the transportation safety infrastructure in place may not be sufficient.

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