The First Ever Cuse Con ongoing in Syracuse Cuse Con

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—Even if you don’t know what exactly board game is, you must have heard of Uno, Twister or Dungeon & Fighter. All of these famous tabletop games, as well as the newest released ones can be found at the first-ever Cuse Con from October 4th to 6th, 2019 at the Ramada Carrier Circle in Syracuse. It features an over 1000 types game library, a 24-hour gaming area, a vendor hall, “play and win” prizes, trivia and prototype contests.

Cuse Con not only has almost everything needed for board game playing, but also becomes a good place for social, according to Cuse Con Co-founder, English teacher Michael Guigliano. High school students, local residents and special guests all came here for the same reason: love for board games.

Board game designer Jonathan Gilmoure says:” Who doesn’t ever dream of playing in a different world. You think of it even as an adult.” And the designers’ enthusiasm have passes on to the high school students through an one-hour long penal talk, during which the students have been asking questions non-stop.

Guigliano believes these students can gain higher levels of thinking and become more creative through playing board games. “There are lots of you can do for learning, for experiences that you can’t get from a lecture or reading in a textbook.”

Nowadays, spending time with people around us is very important for every individual surrounded by electrical devices, says Guigliano. “There’s something that comes out of being there with somebody. That’s not playing Mario car at home. There’s different feelings. I think there’s a desire to disconnect with our phones.”

Guigliano is glad to see this event brings the community back together, and hopes people can all come out and experience board games, with the sincere hope that Cuse Con can continue next year.

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Yuhan Zhao (Jaynee) is a graduate studying Broadcast & Digital Journalism at Syracuse University.

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