The Place to be for Syracuse Soccer Fans The Place to be for Syracuse Soccer Fans

Jose Lara SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Wolf’s Biergarten opened a couple of years ago with a very peculiar slogan — “Soccer, Beer and Sports.”

Voted the second best soccer bar in the country, it is what many people in the city have called the place to be for soccer fans in Syracuse when there’ a big soccer game. With the Women’s World Cup taking place this year, people are excited to go and support the world  champions.

“Yeah, I was surprise to see too many people in a Tuesday afternoon, but plenty of people came to support our country,” said bar employee Zach Sullivan. “It is the first year that we are open for this big event and to see too many people here lets me know soccer is bigger now than what it was before.”

The U.S. Women’s team beat Thailand in a record setting game 13-0, the biggest victory in any World Cup game, including men’s soccer. People attended the bar nonstop until the game ended when most of the people in the bar started chanting.

“I love coming here with my friends, we are big soccer fans and to feel the atmosphere and feel like we are at the stadium is just the best,” said Michael Sage, an avid soccer fan.

The USA team continues the world cup on Sunday when they face Chile in their second game of the group stage.

“We expect to have more people on Sunday, that’s for sure,” said Sullivan.

Soccer is growing in the US, according to the Gallup poll 7% of Americans said soccer was their favorite sport in 2018. Even though it might not seem as much it’s the only mayor sports in the country to increase that much since 2014.

However, is not only a national thing, as Central New York has had more and more people playing and following soccer. Syracuse has many places where the youth can develop their soccer skills and become better players. Places like NY Soccer Central, Syracuse Development Academy, Sport Center 481 complex making more tournament every year, due to the interest of the people. Now there’s also a place where fans can gather together and root for their team.

I’m at Wolf’s Biergarten a bar that many have called the place to be for soccer fans in Syracuse. Today in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, more than 100 people came to watch the US Women’s International soccer team play in their 1stgame of the FIFA World Cup against Thailand.

Zach Sullivan
“I’m surprised to see too many people during a Tuesday in the middle of the day, but it is amazing to see them here supporting.”

Michael Sage
“I love coming here with my friends it’s amazing to see the admosphere and watch good soccer games here.”

Many people gathered to watch the US Woman’s National Team beat Thailand in a record setting day. It was just the 1stgame of the tournament, but it surely seems more people are coming to the other games.

Zach Sullivan
“We definitely expect to see more people on Sunday”

With big victory it felt like a stadium and when it ended everyone chanted.

We don’t know what’s going to happen in the rest of the tournament, what we do know is people in the city have a place to get together and scream their hearts out with every goal.

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