The Power of Syracuse Stage The Power of Syracuse Stage

How performances spread valuable ideas to the community

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) Theater has always been a valuable way to spread messages in the community. Syracuse Stage is a prominent theater within the city of Syracuse, and it looks to share stories that will resonate with their audience.

When walking into the Syracuse Stage, you can hear performers talking and laughing after a rehearsal. The show options are promoted, with current and upcoming options being presented. The theater hosts various shows that inform the community of important issues through entertainment.

One show coming soon is “Our Town,” a story about how residents in a small town interact with each other. The play is an American classic written by Thornton Wilder, the only person to win a Pulitzer Prize for both drama and fiction. Although, the play was written 80 years ago, its lessons on the importance of the simple things in life are still just as relevant today.

Joanna Penalva, associate director of marketing and communications at Syracuse Stage, appreciates its focus on the little things.

“No big reveal, no big song and dance numbers. It is literally just real life,” Penalva said.
The show points out various things that people don’t take the time to appreciate.

“We’re trying to remind people to treasure and savor the simple everyday moments that make up life. It’s not about reaching towards the next big thing; it’s about taking into account the smells of your house, the sounds of your neighborhood. Everything that we just take for granted on a daily basis,” Penalva said.

Other shows that share important themes are taking place now as well. “Dance Nation” is being performed on March 28th and tackles the difficult parts of growing up. The show preaches the importance of children learning about what comes with growing up, even if the conversations might be uncomfortable at times. In politics, restrictions on birth control can have a big impact on growing women. With politicians neglecting issues regarding the challenges of puberty, performer Lizzie Khan believes that it’s important to remind people about the need for these conversations.

“I think it’s really important to feel comfortable talking about these things,” Khan said. The show tackles the difficult challenges teens must face when it comes to their bodies during puberty. The writer of the show is college-aged, providing a perspective of someone who just experienced the stage of their life.

These shows continue the value of theater in spreading messages to communities. With Syracuse Stage constantly hosting shows such as “Our Town and Dance Nation,” Syracuse residents have a place to enjoy entertainment while gaining perspectives on certain issues. With many residents attending these shows, the important themes that come with them continue to be shared.

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