The Salt City Market: A Unique Opportunity for Local Chefs The Salt City Market: A Unique Opportunity for Local Chefs

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Syracuse chefs and caterers alike are getting a unique opportunity. Next fall, the Salt City Market is coming to Syracuse.

The Market will be located downtown and will feature food from chefs in the area. Adam Sudmann is the marketing manager for the Market and has been recruiting local chefs for the past year. He says he is excited for next fall and has been enjoying the process of giving chefs their auditions.

The audition are weekly Takeout Fridays, held at the nearby Westscott Community Center. Each week one or two chefs feature their specialty cuisine for all community members to come and enjoy. The Market is in their fall cohort stage of recruitment, and after this month will make a decision on who will get to have their own restaurant in the Market next fall.

However, while this competition for who gets to be featured in the market may seem competitive, it’s not about who wins or loses. Sudmann and other participating chefs have seen how these Takeout Fridays have helped bring the community together.

Local chef Sarinthra Tong-Ngork recognizes the importance of community even amongst competition. She says, “It’s competitive, but at the same time, I try to look at the bigger picture and focus on building a community, building up food culture in Syracuse, and whether or not I make it I’m willing to help anyone else who makes it.”

Community is important, and the chefs support each other. Make it or not, togetherness triumphs all. “We support one another, and it’s just the way that we are,” says local food caterer Dreamer Glen. “We come out to each other’s pop ups and if there’s anything that we need to know, we share the information so, yeah, it’s great.”

Sudmann says he hopes the Salt City Market is up and running as soon as fall hits next year. In the meantime, he wants to see more of what he’s seen at the weekly Takeout Fridays. “Come to our takeout Fridays. We got takeout Friday’s with all of our fall cohort every Friday in November,” Sudmann says. “Dinner’s at Westcott Community Center where we are, and that’s just November. Everybody gets one shot to sort of show what they can do and see what you find.”

The Salt City Market is creating opportunities for people who otherwise would not have the capital or capability to own their own business. Adam Sudmann says he is happy to help people realize their dreams and spread happiness in the community.


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