The Schweinfurth Art Center Is Giving Art A Deeper Meaning Schweinfurth Art Center Gives Art A Deeper Meaning

The center displayed work from artists expressing societal issues in CNY

AUBURN, N.Y. (NCC News)-  With reports of hate crimes, robberies, and high numbers of mental illness recorded happening in the city of Auburn, the annual Member Show at the Schweinfurth Art Center, created a way to reflect on these issues through an art show.

The show began in 2017 and features work from 100 artists who are part of the member program, and worked together to create the show using various mediums of  art.

Art pieces range from photographs, sculptures, fiber and wood work as well as quilted designs, and some have an artist statement posted beside it that describes the artwork. Artists also tackled topics of racism, politics, feminism, disabilities as well as a various amount of other health and mental issues.

Program director, Davana Robedee recognizes artists from both international and national realms. These artists highlight self grievances and societal breakdowns that impact the country.  Many of these artists know these topics can be hard to talk about, so by creating displays that feature these topics, they created a way to get the conversations started.


Auburn, N.Y.-Front gallery of the Member Show at the Schweinfurth Art Center
Auburn, N.Y.-Front gallery of the Member Show at the Schweinfurth Art Center.
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Several reports from national research organizations like the Pew Research Center have confirmed that topics of racism, discrimination, microaggressions and police brutality, and are also happening outside of Auburn, and are present worldwide.

Robedee said that the art can spread these messages to the Auburn and greater community, through keeping the Member Show an important part of  the city.

“You know every, every place has a story and every, every artist is working to generate, you know deep meaning,” Robedee said.

The artists attended the show the following night to describe the ideas behind their work, how they created their work and what message they hope to share with everyone.



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