The Search for Body of Five-Year-Old Girl Ends in Syracuse The Search for Body of Five-Year-Old Girl continues

Right behind me is allegedly where the body of five-year-old Nefetiti Harris was buried several months ago. (0:07) Police say that Harris was buried after she was beaten to death by her mother and then taken to the wooded area behind the (0:13) apartment complex on Salt Springs Road as a way to hide the body. (0:17) 29-year-old Latasha Mott faces charges of first-degree manslaughter and concealment of the corpse.
(0:23) Officers and medical examiners worked throughout the night last night and into today to try and locate Harris’s body. (0:28) So far, no one on the scene has elected to speak on the issue and give any sort of updates. (0:33) I can say though the officers came down earlier today to grab buckets and tarps and then walk back up to the crime scene.
(0:40) Residents here at the apartment complex say that having the investigative unit in their backyards for the last few days (0:45) has been a lot to deal with and they hope that things get resolved soon for the girl’s sake and for theirs. (0:51) A press conference with supposedly the mayor, DA, and police chief will be held in downtown Syracuse at 315. (0:58) Reporting live from the scene in Syracuse, Gino Antimarino, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The search for the body of five-year-old Nefertiti Harris continued into Tuesday as officers and medical examiners set up their equipment behind an apartment complex on Salt Springs Road. 

Harris was allegedly beaten to death by her mother back in January, 29-year-old Latasha Mott, who was arraigned on Monday. Mott faces charges of first degree manslaughter and concealment of a corpse. Officers suspect that Mott’s boyfriend may have been involved in the killing of Harris as he remained uncooperative with law enforcement during interrogation. 

Nonetheless, the search for the body continues after officers and detectives arrived at the scene on Monday. Drones, a K-9 unit, and medical examiners all were all present at the apartment complex on Tuesday.

The Mayor, District Attorney and the Police Chief are all expected to make appearances in a press conference at 3:15 on Tuesday afternoon.


UPDATE: The Syracuse Police Department, Mayor Ben Walsh, and the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office spoke to the press Tuesday afternoon and disclosed that they found the body of five-year-old Nefertiti Harris at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning on March 26. 

Syracuse Police Chief, Joe Cecile, said they knew they found the corpse when they found brush and started digging. 

The body was found with identifiable clothing, which helped officers confirm the body was Harris. 

If the cause of death is consistent with the defendant’s story, (0:07) then we’ll evaluate whether or not to upgrade the charges. (0:10) If the cause of death is inconsistent with the defendant’s story, (0:15) and it appears to have been a more intentional type homicide, (0:19) then obviously the charges will be upgraded.

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