The Supreme Court is Hearing A Challenge to A New York State Law Supreme Court to hear challenge to Second Amendment for New York Residents

A hearing to the Second Amendment to make the law less restrictive.

NEDROW N.Y. (NCC News) – The Supreme Court is hearing a challenge to the New York State gun permit law to try and make obtaining a permit in the state easier. The current law is one of the most strict when it comes to being able to carry a concealed weapon.

As of now, if you have a concealed-carry permit, you are not allowed to carry the weapon outside of your home. If you don’t have one, you have to show “proper cause,” which many gun activists argue is the hardest part when it comes to applying for the permit.

“I believe that everybody is entitled to that right, until they break the law…but there’s not a reason anyone else shouldn’t be able to get one,” said Timothy Nelson, an opponent of the current law and partner at Intimidator Sports, a Nedrow gun shop.

Nelson also said he is confused why the law won’t let people carry outside the home. If you have a permit, you have a permit. It is as simple as that, so the fact people can’t take their gun outside of their home is something Nelson thinks should change.

On the other hand, Founder of OG’s Against Violence Clifford Ryan is opposed to the law being changed. Ryan doesn’t think there should be anymore guns on the streets than there already are.

“that’s crucial that it stays the way it is so we don’t have a lot of people thinking they can just go buy guns and just kill,” said Ryan.

His non-profit supports other anti-violence organizations and he also attends vigils and memorials of those who were killed by gun violence. He said with the increase of illegal guns on the streets, there is no need to add more. If the law is changed it could open a whole new window of violence.

The Supreme Court website has the steps it took to get the case on the docket if you would like to learn more.

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