Syracuse Northeast Community Center Host First Job Fair at Boys and Girls Club Syracuse Northeast Community Center Host Job Fair Boys and Girls Club

SYRACUSE, N.Y.  (NCCNews) — The Syracuse Northeast Community Center held its first job fair at the Boys and Girls Club on the south side of Syracuse.

The organization has been working in the area for over 40 years. In the last few years, they realized there was need all throughout Syracuse and that was the inspiration for today’s job fair. Organizers say there has always been people in the city that have struggled to find jobs, so today’s event is a great way to connect people with employers.

“This is what we do every day try to connect people with jobs but being able to do it in one location with a bunch of employers is a really unique opportunity for us,” said Donna Moore, director of workforce development.

The goal of the event is to get people in front of employers and not just applying with a resume.

“Having the opportunity to meet with employers one on one and see that they are just human beings like them, I think it makes it a little bit less intimidating for them to apply for jobs,” Moore said.

Syracuse resident Markel Williams came to the job fair today looking for a job opportunity. He was able to talk with over twenty employers this afternoon.

“Part-time job or a full-time job, something to do something with myself. I get to do something very important for myself and build for myself,” Williams said.

Companies like VIP Structures were looking to hire people. Today’s event allows people to come to them and fill positions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

We want to give people jobs that want it but can’t always get to them, so this is nice that is actually a thing,” VIP Solutions human resources manager Anthony Griffin said.

But for Griffin, today’s event is more than just a job fair. It’s an opportunity for people to change their lives

“It’s really nice because I grew up on this side of town so I’m happy that people are deciding to change and go in a different direction,” Griffin said.

Syracuse Northeast Community Center plans to host more job fairs later this summer.

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