These Local Businesses Aren’t Taking A Break During This Winter These Local Businesses Aren't Taking A Break During This Winter

          HAMILTON,  N.Y. (NCC News)- With the holidays not too far away, students are getting ready to head home. In the village of Hamilton, business owners around Colgate University don’t seem to be too worried about the upcoming holiday season and what it means for business.

Students not being around the town plays just a little role in how a business makes it through the holidays. The Hamilton Eatery is a small shop in the Colgate University area which caters mostly to college students. Clay Skinner,  the owner of the Eatery, says because he has gotten used to the academic calendar, and is okay with catering his business around it.

“The holiday and the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas and the summer are good times to have time off actually,” Skinner said.

Another local business, Maxwell’s chocolates, and ice cream bring in local customers even when the students go home for the holidays. Jennifer Jury is the owner of Maxwells and she says it is a lot more fun when the students are in town and a lot more traffic, but them not being there, doesn’t necessarily hurt her business.

“I try to provide a product that local people value and continue to come,”  Jury said.

The last day of classes at Colgate University before students go on winter break is December 13th, and students return on January 20th.

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