These Syracuse Shoes Were Made for Talking These Syracuse Shoes Were Made for Talking

SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News)– Olivia Luciani has loved shoes since she was just a little girl. Playing basketball for a majority of her life new seasons came with new shoes.

Midway through college Luciani started to clean her friends’ shoes which then became detailing them.

After noticing the attention she was getting from the sneakers she began to create more.

Olivia Luciani is 26 years old and running her own shoe design company called Laced by Liv.

Creating each sneaker unique to the person who buys them.

“These are one of one, no one else will have them, and it will last it’s wearable art,” Luciani said.

Luciani does all of her advertising through social media which is how most of her customers find her,  she says.

Jayvon Graves, a basketball player at the University of Buffalo contacted Luciani to create a pair of shoes in honor of his late grandfather.

This is his first year playing basketball without him. He is dedicating this season to him starting with the shoes.

“It makes me feel like I have another person with me, just pushing me to be better. Just encouraging me,” Graves said.

Luciani has made shoes from cartoons to shoes spreading awareness about sexual assault.

“I feel like it is just more sentimental for them. I just want to make it as special as possible,” Luciani said.

If you are interested in a pair of sneakers you can access the interest form here.


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