To Flu or Not To Flu To Flu or Not To Flu

Stop debating and get your flu shot.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Every year, residents debate on whether or not to get their flu shot. Some believe the shot causes the flu, while others feel as if the shot is not even necessary.

Well, after speaking with Onondaga County Health Department’s Educator in the Immunization Program, Andrea Flood, it is more necessary than ever. Andrea mentioned that the flu is extremely dangerous, to the point where fatalities have been reported.

With the most intense part of the flu season upon us, it is imperative to get your flu shot and access to facilities that provide these flu shots are more accessible than you may think.

People can visit their local pharmacy to get a flu shot, Syracuse University students can visit the Health Center, and even those without insurance can visit the Civic Center to get a flu shot on Wednesday’s.

To find the closest flu vaccination center to you, visit the link here

And to get more information on the flu you can visit the Onondaga County Health Department Website.

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