Turkey Season Creates Sustainability in Manlius More than just turkey business

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —Thanksgiving is looming, just around the corner. It will be here before we know it. 

With each Thanksgiving, comes the purchase of one particular bird. A turkey. In Manlius, a turkey can bring together more than just family at the dinner table, but invite a community to partake in it’s own sustainability cycle at Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market. 

Side Hill has already prepped and distributed over 120 turkeys to the Manlius and Cazenovia community, and that number continues to grow as private orders of the Amish turkeys are taken down on pen and paper. 

Each of those Amish turkeys are locally sourced at Goose Green Farm. Head farmer of Goose Green, Melvin, said Goose Green has cut down over 600 turkeys for the month of November. That 600 number is small in comparison to the 46 million turkeys that were consumed last year at Thanksgiving. 

Melvin said it’s the cold weather that keeps his Amish turkeys tasting delicious after they are prepared and General Manager of Side Hill Richard Lawes can attest that they’re selling out fast, “I bet you I could sell another 150, 200 turkeys easily. but were just unable to, were limited in what we get. We’re looking forward to next year, not only through the same supplier to get more, but work together with another supplier to get more.”

In addition to selling the turkeys, the delicious meat is also used in soup and sandwiches at the market. 

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