Two Million Dollars Are Being Invested For Child Lead Poisoning Prevention Central New York Foundation Fights Children's Lead Poisoning

The Central New York Community Foundation is fighting against Lead Poisoning

The Central New York Community Foundation is investing $2 million to try and slow down the rate of lead poisoning in the area.

That money is going to several different organizations that deal with lead removal. In addition, about $30,000 is being invested towards educating the community about the dangers of lead poisoning.

This issue with lead has been an ongoing problem for several decades in Central New York. According to the Onondaga County Health Department, more than 11 percent of children tested positive for elevated blood lead levels in 2017.

“As these houses get older they start to deteriorate and especially in higher poverty areas that lead paint becomes loose,” said Frank Ridzi, Vice President of Community Investment at the Central New York Community Foundation.

The long-term effects of lead poisoning are life-changing. For children, development of the brain and nervous system will slow down. Others may endure behavioral changes which may eventually lead to bad academic performance and crime.

Whenever you move into a new home, it is recommended that you get it tested for lead. 

“In a perfect world, everyone would test their house for lead paint before they move in and then they would know that there’s a problem,” said Peter Koslowsky, Project Manager for Envirologic. 

According to the CDC, homes built before 1978 have a higher risk of being exposed to dangerous levels of lead because this was before lead-based paint was banned in the United States.

Visit for information on lead poisoning and how to prevent being exposed to lead within your home.

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