Upstate Medical University Celebrates Long-Serving Doctor Upstate Medical University Celebrates Long-Serving Worker

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — Dr. Donald C. Blair, a professor of medicine at Upstate Medical University, was honored at the University’s 40th annual Employee Recognition Day Thursday, celebrating 50 years of dedicated service.

Blair has been a pivotal figure in the field of infectious diseases, contributing to the treatment and research of AIDS and COVID-19. His roles at Upstate include chief of the Infectious Disease Division and director of the Medicine Residency program.

Blair reflected on his career at the ceremony.

“When I came here I thought there were no more infections to be discovered…Thought they’d all be discovered we just had to tune them up. That’s totally wrong. There have been between 35 and 50 since I came here and I’m sure there are innumerable infections coming down the pike.” said Blair.

Blair’s journey at Upstate began in 1974, and over the decades, he has played a crucial role in developing treatment protocols and leading research efforts that have had an impact on public health.

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