Van Hassler Brewing Opening Van Hassler Brewing

Narrator: The owner Katatri Hassler and her husband Lafford went from brewing in their driveway to hosting neighbors at their craft brewery just a mile away from their Onondaga County home.

Katari: Everybody was like ‘Oh, we need something’ and we were like ‘Oh we’d love to open a brewery’, said Katari.

Narrator: Katari has overcome inflation and supply chain interruptions to open Van Hassler Brewing. She says these obstacles become especially tiresome and trying to increase the brewery stockpile of beer.

Katari: All of a sudden like it was hard to find one specific half that we wanted.

Narrator: Katari says that temporary permit laws passed during the pandemic are extremely beneficial. Full permits take longer and are more difficult to get.

Katari: But with the temporary permit I’m already able to open start generating money so that I’m not going broke.

Narrator: I’m Danny Kramer, NCC News.

Liverpool, N.Y. (NCC News) – Van Hassler Brewing opened on Oct. 28 as Onondaga County’s newest craft brewery despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The idea for the brewery began during quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic as owner Katari and her husband Laford Hassler home-brewed beer in their driveway. Neighbors were intrigued by the possibility of the Hasslers selling their beer out of a legitimate establishment.

“Everybody was like ‘We need something’, and we were like ‘Oh, we’d love to open a brewery’,” said Katari.

Accordingly, the Hasslers opened Van Hassler Brewing just a mile away from their home.

Problematically, the Hasslers had to face inflation and supply chain interruptions in their attempt to open Van Hassler Brewing.

“There were some things that were very easy to get and then all of a sudden it was like hard to find one specific hop we wanted,” said Katari.

While these obstacles became tiresome when trying to increase the brewery’s stockpile of beer, the pandemic did introduce beneficial temporary permit laws.

“With the temporary permit, I’m [Van Hassler Brewing] already able to open,” said Katari. “I can start generating money, so I’m not going broke.”

Van Hassler Brewing has now made it through its first month open while continuing to run on the temporary permit.

The brewery can be found at 8045 Oswego Road, Liverpool, NY, and opens at 1 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday. 

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