Vapers in Syracuse are in no Panic with the Widespread Vaping Related Illnesses. Vapers in no panic.

Vaping and its Health Implications

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) -This week, the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) released a report indicating alarming increase in vaping related cases. The report said cases grew by 200 in a week and 29 people reported death.

New York State recorded its first vaping related death when a 17-year-old boy died in the Bronx early this week. However, consumers in Syracuse are in no panic with the widespread vaping related illness. They still continue to vape and vaping stores continue to sell products.

Health official are urging the public to avoid vaping. In September, Governor Andrew Coumo banned the sale of e-cigarettes but it is yet to be seen if consumers will heed to this call for health precautions by authorities.  Anthony John a consumer did not see anything wrong with vaping for adults.

“It depends on how you use it. Some people us it to relax with it, some people overindulged in it. If you vape all day every day, of course you want to get sick.  You can drink too much milk, you can get sick,” said Anthony. However, Anthony and other consumers agree that vaping, like cigarettes are harmful to our health but the decision whether or not to stop vaping should be a personal decision. They also agree that underage should not be allowed to vape.

CDC said federal and states authorities are testing vaping materials and studying cases of patients to find out the exact cause of this vaping related outbreak.

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