Warm Weather Slows Business for Some CNY Retailers Warm Weather Slows Business for Retailers

Luke Backman: As Central New York has experienced a warm streak in weather that is unusual for this time of year, local retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods in Syracuse have felt the effects of it. In fact, manager Jacob Wood, believes the store has seen a lack in business because of this.

Jacob Wood: This year we definitely are seeing more inventory but a lot less sales. This is very interesting because typically at this point in November, this point in the quarter. We’ve sold a lot more to this point.

Backman: Not only has this hurt the business aspect, it has slowed down employees, as the supply has not met the demand for the winter inventory.

Wood: We’re running out of ideas on how to stock our merchandise especially when it comes to cold weather. Of course, they are bigger.

Backman: Wood is optimistic though that the cold weather will draw more sales as the first flurries of snow has hit the Central New York area.
Luke Backman, N-C-C News.

Syracuse, N.Y (NCC News) – Many people wouldn’t complain about the warm weather that central New York has had over the past few weeks. While of course you have some people that love the snow and cold weather, many have enjoyed the sunny days that are 70 degrees outside. But while most people enjoy the weather, retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods in Syracuse have seen business on winter clothing be unusually slow for this time of year.

Walking into the front of the store at Dick’s you can see immediately that winter clothing like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and more lining up and down on the shelves. This goes directly with what manager Jacob Wood says as he believes the store is seeing “more inventory and a lot less sales.”

Wood who oversees the footwear department mentions that the winter boots that the store sells have been sitting on display for the longest period of time since he’s been there. Normally November comes and people begin to get ready for winter and all that accompanies it, but this year it hasn’t been the case.

While this does cause an issue about revenue, it has also caused an issue that Wood and other employees weren’t anticipating either. With the supply of winter clothing exceeding the demand for it currently, Wood says that they have issues stocking the merchandise. With winter clothing being bigger and bulker, Wood says that every shipment causes “dilemma after dilemma” when it comes to spacing.

But Wood and the employees are optimistic for the future because of the current drop in temperature and some slight snow the city has seen. He believes that the snow should “drive more people in” but even the day after the first snow, the stores “just hasn’t seen it.”

Nonetheless, people will begin to come and shop for their winter clothing as the temperatures continue to drop. In fact a lady came up to Wood asking about those winter boots that were on display for her son. Maybe that’s a sign of what’s to come.

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