Was Early Voting a Flop? Many People Skip Early Voting In Favor of Voting on Election Day

Of all registered voters in Onondaga County, only 2.9% voted early

SYRACUSE,  N.Y. (NCC News) — Out of all the registered voters in Onondaga County, 2.9 percent of people casted their  ballots during the early voting period.

In January, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation allowing for early voting in New York State with hopes of increasing voter turnout. Early voting took place at six polling sites in Onondaga County from Saturday, October 26, to Sunday, November 3. However,  most people in Onondaga County casted their ballots on Election Day.

At Baldwinsville Public Library, one of the polling locations, some voters were not aware of early voting. Aimee Zeman found out through her husband, who wanted to vote before he left town on a business trip.

“I didn’t even know [early voting] was a thing prior to that,” Zeman said.

The people who knew about early voting said the new option is beneficial. One voter, Megan Ladoceur, said early voting creates more flexibility for voters.

“I had my daughter do the early voting because she’s out of state and in school,” Ladoceur said.

Michael Jones, who votes every year, says that the early voting period should help citizens become more active in their communities.

“I think it should help get a better vote count in,” Jones said.

Despite early voting’s benefits, Zeman doesn’t know how positive of an impact early voting will have on voter turnout.

“I think having a set day also kind of forces you out,” Zeman said. “Like that’s the day to do it.”

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