Watertown Residents Left Without Water Waterless in Watertown

Patrick Smith: The city of Watertown is living up to its name… well minus the ‘water’ part. Wednesday night, a water main break left the city high and dry as it drained pipes across town. At the cities fair grounds, a water supply station is accessible to community members in need of water. Sergeant Jacob Bull of the Watertown police department says there’s been a constant flow of traffic at the supply site.

Sergeant Bull: There’s been a constant flow of traffic through here. The other two sites aren’t quite as busy as this one. I don’t know how much water has been given out at this point, but like I said we’ve had a steady flow of traffic through here.

Smith: On Thursday evening, the repairs were successfully completed, but unfortunately, the water is still not safe for consumption in Watertown. Right here behind me is one of three water supply sites here in Watertown, New York. Although the water main break has been fixed, many residents still remain without water. The city officials and military are here to provide water for those still affected.

Sergeant Bull: There’s been a lot of community support, emergency management, New York state, the county has all come together with the city to get volunteer fire departments involved, the United States Army is here helping us out.

Smith: Local resident Daemareon Warren says he hasn’t been affected that much, but the water bottles have been useful.

Warren: I wasn’t as much, but this morning like throughout the night and stuff, ya, it just went down, started going slow. We haven’t really used water, just been using water bottles.

Smith: As the U-S army is assisting with the crisis, Sergeant Mohamed Amidou, a water treatment officer says they will be available 24-seven, until this problem is fixed.

Sergeant Amidou: Our recommendation would be, that we are actually out here, we are going to stay out here as long as we are needed, to give support with the water.

Smith: With the support of others, Watertown finds themselves in good hands. Reporting for N-C-C News, in Watertown, I’m Patrick Smith.

WATERTOWN,  N.Y. (NCC News) — Watertown without water? You would probably think that could never happen. Well guess what…it did. Wednesday Oct. 18, a water main broke on the streets of Huntington and Eastern Boulevard between midnight and 1 a.m, leaving thousands without useable water.

Around 6:50 p.m., the city announced that the water main break was fixed, but Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith, said Thursday evening that it could be next week before the city restores potable water to residents.

However, with residents without consumable water. The community came together to find a solution to outlast this crisis.

Three water supply sites were set up around the city to provide consumable water to those still in need. Along with these sites, Watertown Police and Fire Department and Fort Drum soldiers came out to help provide water.

Sergeant Mohamed Amidou, a water treatment officer for the United States Army expressed that they will be out helping provide potable water 24/7 until this crisis is resolved.

“Our recommendation would be, that we are actually out here, we are going to stay out here as long as we are needed, to give support with the water,” said Sgt. Amidou.

Authorities recommend that individuals should bring city water to a vigorous boil for one minute and allow it to cool before using it for drinking, washing dishes, brushing teeth, or cooking. Alternatively, using bottled water is a safe alternative.

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