We Rise Executive Director Helping Homeless in Syracuse We Rise Executive Director Helping Homeless in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – We Rise Above The Streets is a non-profit organization in Syracuse. It delivers high-energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of homelessness. The organization also helps feed and clothe those in need on a regular basis in the city. 

“They come out to grab some hot food, grab some good items with tags on them,” Executive Director Al-Amin Muhamed said.

Muhamed has been through the perils of homelessness before. Born on the south side of Chicago, Muhamed was involved in gang activity and drug dealing before being imprisoned. Upon his release, Muhamed was homeless for 10 years.

It was not until a man named Mr. Santos in Atlanta’s Center for Self Sufficiency inspired Muhamed to strive for greatness and help others using his own story that Muhamed broke free of the cycle of homelessness.

“He looked at me in my eye, told me loved me, saw greatness in me and he knew one day I was gonna help a lot of people because I had a powerful story,” Muhamed said.

Today, Muhamed has a family and runs We Rise Above The Streets. He welcomes volunteers from the city. Often, local students and fraternities will volunteer with him. Muhamed makes sure to relay the main message of We Rise to everyone who volunteers alongside him: If we eat, they eat.

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